How to Beat Vordt of The Boreal Valley?

Here is the second boss of the game, which will be more difficult than first. You need try as quickly as possible to get close to his stomach. As the monster is huge, then you will be like under his belly. Try to stay here. That's all. It is the safest place under the belly.

If it gets into you a few times, then he destroys you. After all, you have not had time to pump your character and improve his health enough level. Use shield from attack is pointless. In addition to the loss of health, you'll lose and endurance. Yes, it will be restored, but still. It is best to avoid any offensive attacks of Vordt of The Boreal Valley in Dark Souls 3.

Take your position or under the belly or behind the enemy. Somehow, I have so happened that is more convenient to get the enemy was on the left. When you will find yourself back, and then apply a few strokes, and then be prepared for the fact that the enemy will turn to you a muzzle. Dodge attacks and so on. Or stand under the belly!