Red Comrades 2: For the Great Justice. Reloaded
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Petka and VICH 2: Judgement

Village Stove

View an introductory video. You find yourself at a well near the house of Petya. You can’t go down into the well, because rope is a short. We pass to the left screen, take a stick and enter the house. 001

House of Petka You go into the room, open the cabinet door and pulls out a rubber mat. Take a plant in a pot, which is right of the cabinet. 002 Forest Glade Leave the house and follow the road to left, then turn right. Remove the wire from the door Furmanov’s house, and move to the Anaka’s home by the map. The door to the house is locked, so go on down the road. Move up the road from the meadows. Taka a can of alcohol. Use it in the inventory to get the label of alcohol formula. Go to the stove by the map.



Harley Quinn


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