Walkthrough 35 MM

Run the "new game. Use the keys W, S, A, D to move. Press the button E to interact with objects. Click on key F to turn on/off the flashlight. Press keys "1" and "2" and switch to the camera and knife. Press the TAB key to open inventory. There are three types of resources - first aid kit, food and batteries. All of them are shown on the left page. The batteries are used to power a flashlight, first aid kits - treatment of character, the food - to fight starvation.

Go inside the house. You can turn on a flashlight. Right there is a table with the icon lamp. Walk up to it and press the key E to turn on the light. There is a closet above the table. Open it and get two canned and batteries.

Exit the house and walk away from it. Soon will start the cut-scene, and another man will go after you.

Follow the path, but do not follow the man and turn right. Do you see a building in the distance? Move closer to it. Inside you find food. Open the box on the table and take a first aid kit. There is a note next to the box. Read it.

Return to the road and follow until the junction where there is a trailer with the trumpets. Your friend will go straight. You can also go to the left along the path. You will see a fallen tree and a box to the right. Inside there are canned

Go back to your friend. Look around. Do you see high metal pole? Move back and inspect it. There is a bag. Look the rope. It ties for the tree. Press "2" to pick up a knife, and then tap it on a rope on a tree (left mouse button). Go to the fallen bag and click on E, to get useful items.

Continue for a companion. Soon you will find yourself on the road. There is a car to the right. Open the driver's door and find a bottle of water and a photo. Follow the path on the other side of the road. Soon you will see the building. You can cut the rope on the handle of the door to get inside and find a canned. You will see doggie. Over time a bear will attack you. Run away from it, follow the man. Click several times on the E key, to open the door to the shed. Watch the cut-scene. Loading.


Leave the room and go down the hall to the right. The door will be closed in the staffroom, therefore, go into the second door on the left side. You will find and read the note inside the top drawer pedestals on the left side.

Note. When you find and read the note (and other documents), the screen sparkles. The same effect was observed during the game Metro: Last Light. If you remember, it influenced the final ending.

Go into the corridor and go through the next door on the left. There is a pedestal with a radio receiver at the end of the room. You can turn it on and listen to the message. Go to the next door on the left. But this time, move to another room (opposite of) the right side. There is a corpse in the left far corner. There is a note on the floor. Examine it and the documents on a table near the entrance. There is a table lamp that you can activate.

Go back and go deeper into the corridor until the cut-scene starts.

After the battle with the bear

Apparently, the hospital - it's a nightmare (a memory from the past). You will return again at a time when you run away from a bear. Your friend asks to bring water from the well.

Go out through the same double doors. Pre-need to get a shovel. You can immediately work around this long barn, enter the back room on the back side, and cut the rope (it holds the emergency door). In that back room you can find canned and batteries.

Go to the main street and go deep into the village. Around you will see houses. You need to go into the second house on the left side. Inside find a bucket inside the oven and a lighter  (on the shelf to the right of the oven).

Exit and follow the road until the junction where the main route goes to the left, under the arch of the pipe. Stand in front of the arch on the right and find the wooden well, like a large doghouse. Interact with the well on the slope. Click on the button E. So you open the door. You can attach a bucket to the chain the same button. Hold it to lower the bucket down until it stops. Press again to raise the bucket. Take a bucket of water, return to partner and interact with the campfire, to hang the container. Sit down on a box with a red litter. Watch the cut-scene.

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