By itself, the game Everybody's Gone to the Rapture simple: it does not have any puzzles, items that need to find somewhere to use and so on. You just learn the location. Yes, perhaps some time will have to walk around, go back to find a way by which you can move on.

Nevertheless, we decide to start publishing walkthrough Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture. We write the beginning, and then - as it will go. If you are interested, write us your comments and then we will continue to post the article to you.


After an introductory video can enter the building nearby and turn on the monitor. On the monitor, there will be one and the same picture. Click the left mouse button to activate. Generally all that is useful to you in the game to control - mouse buttons, keys W, S, A, D to move and the ESC key to go to the pause menu. You can’t run ,jump or crawl.

Follow down the road, on the right side is a radio that you can use. Below you will definitely see a minibus. Next steps will be up - to rise. You can’t open the gate in front of the steps. But you can go to the left along the metal fence and open the other gate. Go down the stairs and go in the direction of glowing lights. You will see the inscription about Jeremy.

Move for a spark, which will disappear from the blocking of roads. Turn around and go to the other side of the road. On the right side of the entrance to the village, you will see a phone booth. From it will hear the phone ring. Open the box and click on the telephone. After listening to a message, leave the booth and go in the direction of the village.