Walkthrough Beholder

Crime and Punishment

We watch, and then search the apartment of Jakov Manishek. You will find a broken bottle and a pack of cards. Keep watching for Jakov Manishek and arrest him at the time of manufacture of drugs.

So the job is done. Repair apartments and house a new tenant.

Trust and Care

Talk with family’s members.

A doll for your daughter Martha.

Martha lost your doll and asks to help. Find doll is not difficult; it is in a closet in the basement.

Pan for your wife Anna

Your wife needs a new pan. You will have to go to the apartment number 1. Talk with Maria Shimmer and she will give you a pot.

Books for Patrick

Your son needs books on economics. Books can pay from a dealer or take from a neighbor. Go into the apartment number 1. But this time we need not Mary, and her husband Klaus Shimmer. Talk with him, and ask books.

Cat come out of the bag (features of Klaus Shimmer)

Ask the tenants about Klaus Shimmer, who lives in apartment number 1.

Tell the truth to Mark Ranek and you will learn that Klaus likes modeling.

Rose Ranek will tell you that Klaus is a very good wine connoisseur.

And the wife of Claus will tell you that he likes to take pictures.

This information is sufficient, but if you want to find more information, you can search the apartment № 1.

Make a file and send it to the ministry.

Good offer You received an offer from Jones Popanedo. Hi asks you to sell canned. Canned is suspicious quality. You have a difficult choice: to sell them to a merchant, or give them to Rose Ranek. Rose works as a cook in the dining room. You give canned Rose Ranek. Meet Rosa. Give her "quality" canned. It doesn't work that way…

Later you will know that the workers of coal mine were poisoned.
Due to the poor quality of canned, Rose may be in prison. Talk about it with her husband.

Next, you need to decide difficult choice with Mark Ranek.

  • Flip off:

In this situation Mark Ranek will kill Karl Stein.

  • Blame the boatswain:

Mark Ranek will fight with Johnson Popanedo. After the fight you need to talk with the boatswain. He will accuse and kill Karl Stein.

  • hide the story:

Promise Mark to help Rose.

  • hide the story for money:

In this case, Mark Ranek will forgive Karl Stein.

Once you select an option where Carl is alive, you need talk with Johnson.

You also have to choose in a conversation with Johnes Popanedo:

  • Flip off:

Jones Popanedo will kill Karl Stein.

  • hide the story of the authority:

This authority will be lowered.

  • hide the story for money:

You will lose money.

  • You can offer job:

Johnson will need to make the order of the Ministry.

Sell canned to merchant.

In the evening, you will see a trader near your house. Give him canned.

The next day, the trader will tell you that he could sell canned food only for half the price. Take the money and talk with Johnson.

A difficult moral choice with Johnson Popanedo:

  • Flip off:

Johnson Popanedo will kill Carl Stein.

  • hide the story of the authority:

You will lose several points your authority. Johnson will break the furniture and not have to do with Karl.

  • Give your money:

You will lose money, while Jones will not have to do with Karl.

  • Offer job:

Make the task of the Ministry.