The Last of Us Part 2 looks awesome in gaming tests

The Last of Us Part 2 It seems that Naughty Dog has made significant progress in the development of The Last of Us Part II. In a small interview, the performer of the role of Troy Baker said that he…

PS4 took first place in sales in the USA

The analytical company NPD published sales data for February 2018. According to calculations, PS4 became the top-end console for sales over the past month. And it became the best-selling console in the first two months.

Microsoft and Nvidia presented the ray tracing for DirectX

The ray tracing for DirectX As promised, NVIDIA announced a partnership with Microsoft to develop the perfect new DirectX API, which will support real-time ray tracing. According to commands DirectX Raytracing (DXR) – API can easily access the ray tracing…

The game Text and Drive teaches the dangers of using a smartphone while driving

Text and Drive The network has a trailer for the game Text and Drive, the concept of which is elementary — for example, to show the danger of using a smartphone for messaging while driving.

Announced the final release date of Tower of Time

Tower of Time Studio Event Horizon officially announced the final release date of the tactical RPG Tower of Time. The pages of the game on Steam indicate that the title will be released from early access on April 12. This…

The game Little Witch Academia from Bandai Namco will be released in May

Little Witch Academia Side-scroller beat ’em up on the anime Little Witch Academia will be released on May 15, as reported by the developer. Full title — Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time.

UK-chart: Remaster Burnout Paradise and GTA V in the top five best-selling

UK-chart Data from the weekly British sales charts were published. The first place went to the recent Burnout Paradise Remastered, 78% of all physical copies of which fell on the PS4 (the rest on the Xbox One). Silver position was…

Details of the new hero Heroes of the Storm – Fenix

Fenix   Blizzard presented a video review of the upcoming character MOBA Heroes of the Storm, which will be the protoss Phoenix. The new hero will be a ranged killer, who is focused on the constant damage and exhaustion of…

Brother shot his older sister because of the game controller

A thirteen-year-old girl from Monroe County, Mississippi, received a gunshot wound to her head from her nine-year-old brother during a dispute because of a game controller.

This mod adds even more realism to Kingdom Come: Deliverance

New mod for Kingdom Come: Deliverance Kingdom Come: Deliverance can not be called a simple game, but if desired, the protagonist can be quickly transformed from an ordinary peasant into a fearless knight — especially if you know what you’re…

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