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Walkthrough ARAYA

Walkthrough ARAYA


Turn to left and find the note on the table. Click by left mouse button. Read it.

Go to the window and look for Thai amulet.


Only then, the door to the bathroom will open. Go and examine the newspaper headline on the sink, which says:

"Five people were killed in the horrific tragedy."


Then go out into the corridor and go through the right door. Follow to the end, where a staircase down is. But left behind a partition, there is some object in the chair. Examine it - it is an empty envelope.


Turn around and see that there is a wheelchair.

Go down by the stairs; call the elevator, press the button E. When it arrives, go inside and get the left panel. Click to go down to the first floor.


First floor

Go ahead, get down on the CTRL and crawl under a barricade of beds. Open the door, climb over the bed, close and press SPACE. Go left until the door is slammed in front of you. Come back and stop as soon as you hear the sound. You will see a ghost girl. Left, the door is opened. Run away from the ghost, hold the Shift. Open the door by using the key E. In the end, you find yourself in any room.

Chapter 1. Marisa

Go ahead and read the note on the wall:

"The hospital is closed for renovation. If you wish to contact us, please call 666-666-666. "

Go forward and turn left for guard booth. In the corner there is a board with pipes, which can get to the other side.


Follow the only way to get down the CTRL and crawl under the boards. Follow the description, usу a flashlight key (F). Climb over the yellow seats, sneak under the rubble until you see the girl. Go to the door to go inside the hospital. araya-2016-11-28-13-35-17-79 araya-2016-11-28-13-36-24-58

Inside the hospital

Try to go for the girl, but the door is slammed. From left you can find a double door and go through it. By the way, it is necessary to restore electricity. The corridor will be a few doors. All doors are locked except one. Roll into a narrow passage to left and enter the room on right. At the end of the room get the shield. You can try to pull the lever, but nothing happens. We need to find two fuses. There is the master key on the table. Take it.

With this key you can open almost every door in this area. Exit the room and open the door opposite. There is a newspaper on the table in the right room. You can read the review from the newspaper.

Follow outside and get out of the narrow corridor. Turn left and go to the toilet. Inside the bathroom, left there is the first fuse on the wheelchair.

Go out into the common hallway and open the double doors to the left, leading to the warehouse (Storeroom). There is a note on the table. Go out and open the last door. This is another storage room, but the door is single. On the right side, look for the second fuse on the table.

Go back to the shield and insert the fuses. If you did not pull the lever before, then do it now. Get out of here. You can see a note behind the glass in front of you. Enter the room and read the note from the Frames folder. Follow through the door, where girl had gone.

To be continued...


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