How to get a new (secret) weapon in Devil May Cry 5
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How to Get a New (Secret) Weapons in Devil May Cry 5

Find out where to look for new weapons for Dante and Nero in Devil May Cry 5.

In the eleventh story mission, you can get the rocket launcher Kalina Ann. In residential buildings, destroy three blood clots, and then return to the first floor of the first house. Now go in a new building and among the ruins, find new weapons on the floor.

At the end of the same mission, you will automatically unlock the demonic motorcycle "Cavaliere".

In the twelfth story task, you get Devil Sword Dante. This will happen at the end of the mission, it is impossible to miss.

At the beginning of the thirteenth mission, you will receive a new ranged weapon - the Dr Faust.

At the end of the sixteenth mission you will fight with King Cerberus. Kill him and Dante will receive the weapon of the same name, which can turn into an electric or fiery spear.

In the eighteenth mission, at the very beginning after the cut-scene, you will receive the rocket launcher Kalina Ann II.

You will also receive Kalina Ann II (two rocket launchers at once) at the beginning of the eighteenth mission. But this will happen only if you raised the rocket launcher during the "Mission 11"! If you have not done so, then rerun the mission and find a weapon.


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