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All endings LAYERS OF FEAR

Many gamers interested in the question: “How many endings in horror Layers of Fear?” We will try to answer you the most simple and meaningful.

The game has three endings. So, what will be the final result depends on your collected notes and pictures. If you collect about half or less of notes in the family album (and pictures), the ending will be the one that is described in this walkthrough Layers of Fear and shown in the video below:

If you have collected more than half the pictures and notes to the album, the ending will be different. Finally, if you have collected all of the pictures and note the album, will be the third ending. Thus, a little later in this article, we'll add a description of the location of all pictures and albums. Do not miss!

Good ending did not bother collecting a little more than half of all collectibles. I passed the game and collect all of these items. Here it is, the true ending, after which the game ends with the passage completely. Anyone who is interested, look on YouTube.

Bad Ending

Good Ending

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