How to open all secret missions in Devil May Cry 5
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How to open All Secret Missions in Devil May Cry 5

Find out how to unlock and complete all the secret missions in the game Devil May Cry 5.

How to unlock a secret mission 01

You do not miss it. In the second story mission, the game will stop you in the corridor where the Qliphot Roots will appear. Stand at the side of the bed and look at the seal in the aisle. Kill all enemies.

How to unlock a secret mission 02

In the third story mission, when you is are the tunnel, then stop in the room with the stairs. Go downstairs; enter the niche on the right and look up to see the seal to start the task. You need to quickly destroy all the Red Empusa. Upgrade your skills and use the demon form - if you play the game a second time.

How to unlock a secret mission 03

In the fourth plot task, you cross the bridge, take away the first Nidhogg Hatchling. Move further along the road; kill enemies until you see the root on the left. Destroy it with the cub, go back and find the destroyed wall in the other house before entering the building, where there was a Purple Orb. Jump up, go to the backyard and find a Nidhogg Hatchling.

Go back to where the root was destroyed, and apply the parasite to the second. Climb up and see the seal. Collect all the spheres. are easy. Use double jump to pick up Orb on top.

How to unlock a secret mission 04

In the fifth story mission, kill the first large group of enemies in the dock with the ship. Go down, turn around and see the passage to the blue Orb. However, after descending, you do not need to turn to this aisle. The room is fenced with wooden sheets. Come and call Nightmare, he stands next to a large container of construction waste. It will destroy the wall, and you will find yourself in a new room. Climb up the side stairs and look back from where you came from.

Kill all enemies, keep away from V. It will be great if you discover the skill that allows you to ride the Nightmare. In this case, the enemies will not reach you; there is only a monster to summon (at the most difficult moment).

How to unlock a secret mission 05

In the eighth story mission, you climb up the lava using a stone platform. You are interested in the second such ascent. Jump to the ledge on the right, stand next to the Red Orb and look up. There are sphere here. Shoot and cling to two of them alternately to get to the top ledge, where there is a sphere and a seal for the task.

You will need to repeat the same actions, but with a large number of sphere, to get to the fragment of the blue Orb, without falling to the floor.

How to unlock a secret mission 06

In the ninth story mission, you move until you fall down the mountain. We'll have to fight with the knights. Defeat them, do not rush to go ahead and jump down the ledges. There are columns on the left, and behind them is a passage with roots. Stand close, you summon Nightmare, and he will destroy the blood clot on the other side. Take away the fragment of the blue Orb, jump onto the ledge and look in the opposite direction to activate the task.

In the allotted time, kill all enemies as soon as possible. Make it easy.

How to unlock a secret mission 07

In the tenth story task, stop in the room where there will be two passes with teeth. Go to the right of them to find the seal. You need to defeat the Death Scissors. Attack so you beat only the scissors. When they break, and then shoot in the head of the enemy (it will glow red).

How to unlock a secret mission 08

In the eleventh story quest, you must get to the ruins of residential buildings. Go inside, along the corridor from above, move to the next house and go down to the blood clots. Destroy them, but do not rush to fall below. Get back to the first building, climb up and jump into the corridor connecting both houses. Look back and see two pieces of seal on the walls.

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