How to open all secret missions in Devil May Cry 5
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How to open All Secret Missions in Devil May Cry 5

It is necessary to fight so that the rank does not fall below S. Do not miss the damage. Use a demon form, etc.

How to unlock a secret mission 09

In the twelfth story mission, when you go down under the statue, then jump on the ledges in front and turn around. Jump up to the barrels on the stone floor, turn around and see a seal. Use the demonic motorcycle (attack in a jump to stay in the air as long as possible).

How to unlock a secret mission 10

In the fourteenth story mission, when you destroy the second blood clot, then you find a fire next to it. Turn around and see a seal. In order not to touch the ground, summon Nightmare, jump down and pair on the crow directly onto your monster. You must first unlock the skill that allows you to move on the Nightmare.

How to unlock a secret mission 11

In the fifteenth task, you go down to the left from the first statue of the goddess. By doing this, you will see a video. Use the Devil Breakers to get to the right place, climb up the walls and kill enemies. Throw Devil Breakers and hold the mouse wheel so that you can jump on it.

In the task - you need to jump on different platforms that will close and open. Get to the goal in the allotted time.

How to unlock a secret mission 12

In the sixteenth story mission, when you are in the role of Dante – you will fight Behemoth, then jump straight down instead of the corridor in front. Kill the reptiles, go down to the platform just below and look down. Find the yellow tiles with red wood. Jump on them, because there is no other way to get there. Go to the next room, go down to the ledge and go deep into the niche to find the light. Turn around and see a seal.

Let Empusa drink blood from the puddle to collect the required number of Orb. After that, use Dr. Faust to suck Orb from the enemy. It is advisable to pump this. At the same time, choose the level of difficulty to the maximum so that the Empusa is more solid. You cannot kill her!

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