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All side quests (activities) in Lucius III

It is not necessary kill all the people in the city. However, you will have to kill many of them to get additional achievements.

How to kill Mr. Freeman? How to open the basement in the garage house Freemen?

In the fourth chapter, you go to the Freeman’s house and look in the mailbox. You will find a letter with erotic pictures. Go to the police station and give the letter to Jack. You will return to the Freeman’s house together with him. Go to the garage and look in the back room. Nearby there is a mount. Take it, apply it on the floor and you find photos and video tapes. Jack will arrest Mr. Freeman.

You will be at the police station, move into the mind of Freeman and make him hang himself.

How to kill Dr. Green?

This is a long process. So, first, you need to exchange batteries or a processor for wire cutters (from Bonaparte). Cut the wire and set it on the road on the Jackson’ Ledge. Move to the Morgan’s house and go to the room on the right. Find the electrical shield on the wall, concentrate and burn the fuses. Morgan will repair the shield. Take a bottle of whiskey from his desk. Pour the alcohol into the toilet in the bathroom and watch the video. In the end, Morgan will beat Derek, and Samantha will call Dr. Green. Dr. Green’s car will fall under the barbed wire. The car will fly off the cliff down.

Note. If you want to kill Dr. Green, do it in the first chapter before you kill Samantha and Derek.

How to kill the sailor Ferguson?

You can meet the ship with a sailor on the pier. He promises to take Lucius to fishing. But Lucius have to bring him an oil filter. Go to the gas station, go inside and find the last filter on the shelf to the left. It costs $ 20, and you will need money.

Go to the police station to get money. You find a handbag in the WC on the first floor. Women's handbag is on the sink. Take it and go to the store near the station. Give it to Morgan's wife. She will give money as a reward. Return to the gas station and buy an oil filter.

Note. The filter will go on sale in the third or fourth chapter.

Give the filter to the sailor, remove the ropes and go to the sea. There, you can kill a man. First you need to take the worm from the jar, put it on the hook and throw the fishing rod. You will catch the fish, and then use it as bait. Catch the other fish and gnaw the fish lying on the deck. You need wire cutters, after which you will put the guts on the bait. In the end, the sailor comes to the board, and you can pull the lever to throw him into the sea.

You can make it at the end of the fourth chapter!

How to kill Derek and Samantha Morgan?

Note. If you kill these characters, you cannot kill Dr. Green.

Go to Morgan’s house and chat with Samantha outside. Soon dad will close her in the backyard. Go to the tree house, climb up. You find Derek. He wants to hit Lucius. There is a raven on a branch to the left of Derek. Use it to attack Derek to. Watch the video, Derek is dead.

Go to the back yard of the Morgan’s house. Samantha is behind the fence. Do not rush to open it, and move away from the fence in the direction of arable land. Find square boards under your feet and destroy them. Use concentration. Go to the gate, look on top of the fence and find a metal bolt. Raise it with the help of devilish power. Touch the girl and run away from her. She will move in the same way as Lucius. Run in the direction of the destroyed boards on the ground, jump over them. Samantha will run after him, but she will not jump. She will fall down. And Lucius will cover the pit, so the girl will die.

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