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Announced the final release date of Tower of Time

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Tower of Time

Studio Event Horizon officially announced the final release date of the tactical RPG Tower of Time. The pages of the game on Steam indicate that the title will be released from early access on April 12. This is the debut game of the studio, which, based on early reviews, may well become an excellent role-playing adventure.

The events of game are moving at different levels of a single tower, around which the earth is slowly dying. The team of the protagonists is to uncover the secrets of this building, which is able to communicate and give hints to the player.

Developers position the title as "a new look at classic RPG". Tower of Time will give players 30 hours of gameplay, about 140 types of enemies, 7 different classes with their weaknesses and advantages, a few dozen bosses and about 500 upgrades in the skill tree.


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