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Answers to questions about Beholder

Answers to questions about Beholder

How to help Klaus Shimmer in game Beholder?

You can to settle Shimmer or help to escape from the country. In the second case you will have to talk to him and tall that you have order from Government. Say that you are ready to help. You will need to find documents of Shimmer. Read below for where to find him.

When you have a document, then go back and talk with Shimmer. He says that now he has a problem with the departure abroad.

There are several variants: settle boatswain Popanedo. Talk with him and make his job (SPECIAL OFFER). After that, when you give money him for canned, you need to say him that you have a wonderful way to earn for him. Tell him about family Shimmer. In this case, you will see the news that the Shimmer and Popanedo become food for fishes.

Also you will give him two cruise tickets. You need to do the job "Loneliness Alloiziya"(Read our walkthrough) to do two cruise tickets. In this case Shimmers survive.

How to save the daughter in Beholder? How to cure Martha?

You need to act quickly to save Martha. You will need to find the aspirin. Read walkthrough. After this you need call the doctor Alloiziy, so that he will look at the girl.

If Alloiziy would not, Anna drives your daughter to the hospital. Alloizy ask for medicine $20,000, and the doctor of the hospital - $30,000. Therefore, the first option is more profitable.

Information about money for treatment you can read below.

But after the first medication of Alloiziya you will get another. It cost for $ 15,000 from a dealer on the street. Everything is about money!

How to get money for the treatment of your daughter Martha in the Beholder?

Use all means of earning in the game. Below there is information about earning Beholder.

How to earn money in the Beholder?

There are several ways. First - this performance of tasks. Second is - make the reports and characteristics. For each piece of evidence for the characteristics you'll receive $ 100 (not for the report).

The third way - to exchange points of authority money. For this you need to buy (the best!) Camera of the first level of the 50 points of authority and sell them to a merchant on the street for $ 150.

The fourth way is to collect all the things from the apartment of Charles and sell the merchant. The fifth way - to steal glasses, watches or tie of tenants. These are the most precious things.

If you do not give tickets to the cruise Shimmer, then you can sell them for $ 5,000.

How to move out Claus Shimmer in Beholder?

Uou will have to search his apartment. Find a book by Paul Williams. Then you can write a report on Shimmer or Mary. In the second case Shimmer goes mad and dies.

It is better start to blackmail Shimmer. He says that he had little money and go away with his wife.

How to save Anna Stein in Beholder? How to save the wife?

In the game, there is one variant that Anna dies. If you tell George Danton, where Anton Grubitz (and he will spend the night in your room). Just do not say Danton, where Anton is.

How to defuse the bomb in Beholder?

First, you must to find it. Bomb is inside the washing machine on the ground floor. Take the bomb and call in the Ministry. They will send you instructions. Take a look at the mailbox and click on the instructions located behind the newspaper. Surely, you will have a time bomb on a wristwatch and six drafts. This is first variant in the instruction. Interact with the bomb. Select "Cure" and cut the wires in such a manner as to instructions. Red, green, black, blue. Perhaps you will be another bomb.

How to get the documents from the archive in Beholder for Claus Shimmer? How to access the archives?

You have to get the documents to Klaus Shimmer that he could leave the country. Ask about this Mark Ranek. He asks a whiskey. A bottle of whiskey you can buy for $ 1,000 from the merchant. Or after the settlement Alloiziy Shpak, talk with him. He will give you as a gift a bottle of whiskey.

Also, you can read the article about all endings Beholder.

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