Apsulov End of Gods: Walkthrough

Apsulov End of Gods: Walkthrough

Read detailed walkthrough of the action-horror-survival Apsulov: End of Gods. The main character of the game must find the key artifacts to lock the portals.

Walkthrough Apsulov: End of Gods

Choose the difficulty level and start the game.

Chapter 1

Follow the orders of an unknown creature. First, go to the first lighted table, pick up a cube, turn it so that you find and press the button. Go to the second table. Open the case and get the key. Apply it to the computer on the left. Go to the third table and put your hands on it. After a few seconds, activate the Vision mode by pressing the F key and interact with any character.

The unknown will ask you to stand still. Go to the center for ventilation and click on the marked button. When the ventilation will be open, you jump down, bend down and move to the first data source. You will hear the words of Dr. Anderson. You have to find him.

Once outside, go to the locked door and activate your Vision to see code 6725. Enter it to open the door. Go through another ventilation. Use Vision to see in the dark. Climb the stairs and, in the end, get out. Activate the stone opposite the statue of the strange creature.

Go through the dark corridors, but do not hold down the run key so that you are not heard. Turn left and right. Move the only way, move through the boxes (Space key). Press the button and go down the stairs. Continue through the following corridors until you find the elevator. Call him and go to the top floor of cooling.

The doors are closed, so go up the drawers on the left. Take a collectible item (1/28) from them. Follow through the ventilation, get out and pick up another audio diary. Follow further, climb the stairs and move through the ventilation. Once out, inspect the door on the right. You can see the code on the floor to the right in Vision mode.

In the hall with two enemies, you go to the front desk and find the code — 7913 on the floor. Get to the elevator, call it, go inside and select your destination — artifact research department. Enter the previously found code.

Apsulov End of Gods: Walkthrough
Apsulov End of Gods: Walkthrough

Go further along the corridors, bypassing another enemy, and in front of the door turn into the open ventilation on the left. Once out, pick up an audio diary from the table. Get out and go right and through the doors on the left. Get to another room with the new Valkyrie audio diary. In the next room, climb up the inclined metal stairs and through the ventilation get into the room with shields from Asgard. Go to another part of the room, to the corpse nailed to the wall, and remove your hand from the spike. Use it on the door on the opposite side (on the terminal with a hand). Now you can open such doors.

Carefully make your way past the enemy, returning to the beginning of the corridor. You can turn into the room on the left to find a collectible item (2/28) in one of the drawers. Go back to the room with the conservation stone and through the ventilation follow the previous corridor. Right behind it, on the left, there is a door with a panel. Apply the found hand on it and follow further, pick up an audio diary along the way.

Apsulov End of Gods: Walkthrough
Apsulov End of Gods: Walkthrough

Go inside the plant, which will take you to another location. Follow the only path until you are attacked by spiders. Fortunately, they will save you.

Watch the video and listen to Henrik. Then scan your hand on the table in front of the clear glass. From this moment you can open all doors with a symbol resembling the number «1». Go downstairs and open the first door. Move lower by pressing the button and lowering the ladder.

Ahead will be a locked hatch with a recharging terminal. Go to the room on the right and pick up a cell for improvement. Go back and stand opposite the hatch so that a hint appears. Hold LMB and release it to unlock the hatch. Interact with the terminal to replenish energy, and then follow through the hatch.

Behind the hatch, fire a charge at the control button at the top of the stairs to lower it. If there is no energy, then use the terminal to the left of the stairs. Pick up another cell from the table on the right, as well as special consumables for replenishing energy. If there is no terminal nearby, then open the inventory on TAB and press E.

The back door cannot be opened with a regular hand scan. However, you can use the impulse of the hand. Shoot three times in the rotating mechanism (visible in Vision mode) and the door will open. To replenish the charge, use the previously collected cells. You can return to the table where you found them and take new ones. By the way, the door on the left can also be opened with three shots. There is a collectible item (3/28) behind it. And if you get in the door when the rotating circle is aligned with the top, then it can be opened on the first try.

Shoot the remote upstairs in the back room to lower the stairs. Go on, take a recharge and open another door. Unlock the hatch by firing at it. You will learn about the nine artifacts that are needed to overcome a strange creature. Follow the only route until you find the root you want to enter.

Chapter 2

Once in the Ice World, pick up an audio diary and go the only route. Once you get into the building, turn off the screw and go forward. Go ahead and find yourself in the room. The door on the right is closed, but you can go into the room on the left through a hole in the wall or the door with the number “1”. There is a recharging station and a container with another improvement cell. There is also an audio diary. Exit through the hole in the wall and look up to find the hatch. Unlock it by firing an impulse of energy.

Having risen, go right to the outer balcony, jump up and go down through the hole into the room with lockers. Inspect each of them to find an artifact key. Scan your hand at the corpse where there was a key to get an improvement for opening the doors with the number «2». In one of the lockers you can find a cell to improve the number of pulses.

You can open the door «2», but it leads back. On the other hand, there is now the opportunity to break open the door with the number «3». Do it as you did before. In Vision mode, a circle will be visible. Break the door, you find the collectible item (4/28) in one of the booths.

Go back through the ventilation and open the door «2». Look outside the elevator and ride on it down. The head of a giant will appear at the top of the rock.

Apsulov End of Gods: Walkthrough
Apsulov End of Gods: Walkthrough

Go down and snuggle up against the wall on the left. Go inside the container and wait. The area that the giant is looking at is highlighted in bright blue light. When the light moves away from the container, run out and follow the rock to the left, under which the giant does not see. Wait, and when the light leaves again, run into the cave on the right. Enter the root of the tree to return to Midgard.

Return to Midgard

Pick up an audio diary, follow the corridors to find the elevator. Activate it and the platform will deploy. You will be in the study area. You will find yourself in a huge room and find another audio diary. So, you are on the second floor of the research center. Walk along the wall to the right. Unlock door “4” using momentum and insight. Bend down and follow the perimeter of the room until you find a hatch. Hack it and enter the next room with a collectible (5/28). Unlock the door on the side.

Apsulov End of Gods: Walkthrough
Apsulov End of Gods: Walkthrough

Go further along the right wall and unlock the door «3». There is an audio diary behind door. You can crack the door “5” along the left side on the second floor and find a collectible item (6/28) in the dining room under one of the tables. Also, there is a code door on the left and a door «2», behind which there is an audio diary. On the ground floor, there is an audio diary on the couch, another one in the room under the stairs. The room under another staircase has a conservation stone.

Call the elevator from the second or first floor and for a start go to the exit to the surface. There are charges and an audio diary. Take the same elevator down to floor B1, to the landfill. Get to the conservation stone. Go through the door on the right and turn left to listen to Anderson. He will call the door code at the end of the corridor — 3425.

Chapter 3

Go in the opposite direction and in the room behind the second door, take the audio diary from the table. In one of the lockers in the same room, a collectible item (7/28) is hidden.

To be continued…


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