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Arnold Schwarzenegger will act in a film “Terminator 6”

Despite the huge success of the first two "Terminator" films, attempts to further development of franchises out very mixed. The last part of the series (which appeared last summer) received unflattering critics and the scheduled shooting were removed.

Star Arnold Schwarzenegger is optimistic about the upcoming movie. He is sure that movie wills distribution. Ex-governor of California did not doubt in shooting of Terminator. For its part, Paramount studio does not comment the situation.

"Terminator: Genesis" in the worldwide distribution collected about $ 440 million. Interestingly, for entering the break-even level of the film must be 450 million - according to estimates of analysts Bloomberg Business. ShowGamer.com recalled that in the original plans of the film unit "Terminator: Genesis" was part of the work on the trilogy, and shooting these two parts were to take place simultaneously and will be shown on television in 2017 and 2018 respectively. After which the permissions to the franchise return to director James Cameron.

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