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Assassin’s Creed Origins: where to find the Stone Circles in the The Hidden Ones

 The Stone Circles  in the The Hidden Ones

Even on the borders of Egypt, Bayek will see Stone Circles  the stones. He remembers about his promise to his son Khemu.

The addition 'The Hidden Ones' added in Assassin's Creed Origins another pair of Stone Circles. At the same time, the developers changed the mechanics of the work of the Circles: there will be no more shine on the night sky, which indicated on position of the constellation.

Now it is necessary to begin the quest for a star. It shines with a red light: around of which it is located stars. They point to the right constellation. The passage of the Stone Circles will bring to Bayek an additional point of abilities.

Nom Madiama: the Stone Circles of Ankh

the Stone Circles of Ankh

They are situated in the Nom Madiama. It is better to begin with the northern circle of Ankh.

The circle is located on the small open location. There are coastal Mount on location. You can get on location through top of the mountain. But it's easier if you go around the mountain and enter from the sea.

This location is calculated on the basis of 41-42 levels.

Nom Madiama: the Stone Circles of Sobek

After you find previous location, you can go to the south straight for the coast.

You need a small oasis, located in the southernmost part of Madiame – circle is located in the center of the lake, on a small island. Be careful, there are leopards.

This location is calculated on the basis of 41-42 levels.

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