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Assassin’s Creed Origins The Hidden Ones: how to get armor camel Gertha

How to get armor camel Gertha

The necessary task is called " The Ballad Of Si-Mut And Gertha". You should be on 41 level. You can get quest on the crossroads of the ruler's wall.

In search of treasure

Si-Mut asks Bayek that he will help him in search of the fallen treasures.

First, Bayek search house of Si-Muta. Then he searches the ruins, the lair of the hyenas, and, finally, the camp of the robbers. begin. Maybe Si-Mut shouldn't have eaten a suspicious growth.

At the end of the end, Bayek finds the place where the treasure is hidden. Si-Mut hid it in the flooded quarry. It is necklace of the legs of the flamingo.

It is talisman of Si-Mut. After that he will get Bayek with Gertha. It is a massive armor camel. Si -Mut gives Gertha to you.


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