Astroneer FAQ
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FAQ Astroneer: frequently asked questions about the game

Answers to frequently asked questions about the game ASTRONEER.

How to fly to another planet

Shuttles are used to move between the planets, which are filled with hydrazine. If you want to fly to the shuttle, you will need to secure a single seat or a residential capsule. Make sure the shuttle is filled with hydrazine.

You need five cans of hydrazine for full charge, which equals ten charges for movement. The charge is spent on take-off, landing and moving between point A and B. Click on the “Fly” button in orbit to see the map of the star system. You can move into orbit or land on a planet to which the shuttle can fly. Some planets cannot be reached, but you can wait. All the planets are moving.

How to remove the building

This feature is not supported in the game. At the time of this writing, it was not there, but if you read it later, then it could already be added to the game.

How to remove the crane

Park your vehicle or platforms A / B / C near the transport compartment. After you make the crane, it cannot be removed.

 How to increase the base

You will need resin to increase the base at later levels. Go to the module and use the resin to raise the appendage. From this, you can create a separate building.

You can also use a printer for housing. Then place it anywhere. Its functionality is similar to the first shuttle. To unlock the housing, you need to create a research center by connecting through a solar battery or a generator.

How to increase energy

Energy is another important resource along with oxygen. It is also called power. In the backpack, there is an orange strip feeding the astronaut. It is gradually being restored, but if a good energy system is created, the restoration can be significantly accelerated.

Create solar panels in a backpack and fasten it in the upper part to get energy on sunny days. Use a wind turbine to generate energy during a strong wind. But generators are able to convert organic matter into energy in cases where there is no wind or sun.

You can get energy from luminous organisms of orange color. They are underground or in the field. Batteries may contain excess energy. Use it if there is no sun, wind or access to a generator.

Fasten the generators in a vehicle or building to maintain power. If the building does not work, then it may be a lack of energy.

How to make hydrazine

It is powerful to get in the chemical laboratory. Used for refueling shuttle, ship or jet engines. You will see a canister of purple liquid.

How to find a base

You can navigate the planets in the sky, but if you have gone too far, it will be difficult to find your base.

How to find copper

You need to melt malachite in a melting furnace. Copper can also be found inside collapsed spacecraft or obtained from research.

How to find Wolframite

Wolframite is the ore from which wolfram is produced. This is done in a melting furnace. Explore the caves to find such ore. It can even be found in astronaut backpacks, in ships.

How to find wolfram

Melt wolfram in a smelting furnace.

How to fill the shuttle

Having built a shuttle, you will need to fill it with hydrazine. Collect three or four canisters to have stock. Install in the ship. By applying hydrazine on the shuttle, you will see how the tank is filled.

How to level the surface

Create a container and dig the ground.

How to use the smelter

In the smelter, you can melt various items to get one or another substance. You can melt four ores at a time by spending 8 energy. Melted items will be located in free slots. If there are no free cells, they will simply disappear.

How to use the drill

The drill is used to collect the resource from the trolley, but first, place a crane in the transport, and then install a drill on it.

How to open new recipes

In a research lab. Find unknown objects and study them. The printer can be made enhanced power source, cylinders and other items. Move the unknown subject to the base, and then to the laboratory.

How to get zinc

Melt in the furnace sphalerite.

How to get iron

Melt hematite in furnace.


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