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Cheats for GTA San Andreas (PC)

Read about all the cheats for GTA San Andreas.

Walkthrough Sally Face Episode Four: The Trial

Also you can read walkthrough all parts: 1-Strange Neighbors; 2-The Wretched; 3-The Bologna Incident: Walkthrough Sally Face: Episode 5 Prologue Move to the left. Leave the bedroom. There is a dark location. We speak with Beelzebul.

Below: how to find 20 fragments of light and see the ending of the game

Ending of the game Below Even if you get to the lowest floor in Below, this will not mean the end of the game. You will have to find 20 fragments of light to see the final video.

Cheats codes DUSK

DUSK Old-school shooters today have received a new life, but retro-game DUSK stands out in the background of numerous projects. Here is a first-person shooter that very much resembles the famous Quake series (its first games). The protagonist of the…

FAQ ATOM RPG Post-apocalyptic indie game

How to improve characteristics of hero There are several ways to improve the characteristics of the character. Some allow you to select the desired attribute, others automatically increase the specific:

All side quests (activities) in Lucius III

It is not necessary kill all the people in the city. However, you will have to kill many of them to get additional achievements.

How to create checkpoints and short routes in Below

Players will die many times. You will explore the caves and different locations. There will be pitch black, deadly traps and dangerous enemies.

Where to find all the memories in GRIS

Memories are individual collectible items that you can find while you play the game. They are scattered on different levels.

Walkthrough Lucius III

Lucius III See the introductory video, follow Jack and jump over two holes and go to the trustee. Climb higher after the cut-scene and walk along the path up the hill. There is a place with a stand and a…

Walkthrough GRIS

GRIS See the introductory video. Move to the right side. The main character falls to the ground, and when she gets up, she can run. Run to the right. Climb up the hills by clicking on the «Space» to jump.…