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Cheats Codes Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire

List of console commands and cheat codes for role-playing game: cancel all the achievements of Steam In the game, as in the first part, there is a special cheat mode, activated through the console.

Walkthrough side quests Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire — Port-Maje

A detailed description of all the side quests on the Port Maje Helping Hands The quest begins automatically after you reach Vilario’s Rest

Walkthrough Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire

Detailed walkthrough of the storyline Prologue Go along the only path, looking through the old memories of the Guardian. In the end, you will reach the room with the God of death. Communicate with him on all topics and select…

Walkthrough Light Fall

Prologue Just stand and wait for the cut scene. Welcome to Numbreu The first part of the level will be accompanied by prompts. Move to the keys A and D, use either W, or «Space» to jump. You can jump,…

How to get all endings in the demo Detroit: Become Human

How to get all six endings in the demo Detroit: Become Human Demo of the upcoming PS4-exclusive Detroit: Become Human became available in the PlayStation Store. In it, the player is offered to play for the advanced android detective Connor…

World of Tanks — guide on SU-26

Review of the Soviet self-propelled artillery (SPA) third-level: history of creation, game characteristics, tactical advice SU-26 — Soviet self-propelled artillery installation of the third level. In this game there are «imba». There are popular tanks, favorites of the public. There…

Far Cry 5: maps (fishing, hunting, altars, wolf beacons, bunkers)

Maps with the location of all fish, animals, altars, wolf beacons and bunkers

Kingdom Under Fire 2 — startup problems, bugs, crashes

Common Problems and Errors in Kingdom Under Fire 2 When you start the game, you must understand that it is in the closed beta stage, so it is likely that there are various bugs and errors.

According to Steven Spielberg’s new Indiana Jones could be a woman

 New Indiana Jones The question of the future of the film franchise about Indiana Jones stands out sharply as never before. The fifth part will be rolled out in 2020. Harisson Ford will be 80 years old — it’s time…

Ubisoft released a prequel film to Far Cry 5

Do you interested in setting Far Cry 5? Then before you start playing at the end of this month, watch the movie -prequel Far Cry 5: Inside Eden’s Gate. Today it became available on Amazon with a subscription to Prime.