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Walkthrough Final Fantasy XV: CHAPTER 1 — DEPARTURE

CHAPTER 1 — DEPARTURE Prince Noktis Lucis Calum left his native kingdom with three of his friends. He goes to Altissia, the capital of Accordo, where he will consolidate the union between the two states by marrying Lady Lunafreys.

British rapper recorded a track about the main character Kingdom Come: Deliverance

British rap artist Dan Bull, known for his tracks on the gaming theme, recorded a new music video. This time about the hard share of the simple son of a blacksmith from Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

Weta has been making the game for Magic Leap for six years

After long years of secrecy, hype and huge investments, the mixed reality device Magic Leap will be released this year. And with it at least one game will be available.

This Fallout 4 mod significantly improves movements of player, animal and NPC

Modder Zana Daniel released a great mod for Fallout 4 called Immersive Movement. This mod modifies the movement of the player, NPC and all creatures, making it much more believable and natural from a physical point of view. If you’re…

Preload Final Fantasy 15 on PC is started

Next week, the PC version of Final Fantasy XV will be released. If you want to play immediately, as soon as the game becomes available, you can already put it on the download right now. The game weighs from 100…

Episodic game The Council about the secret society will be released in March

On the Steam-page of the episodic adventure game The Council from the studio Big Bad Wolf and Focus Home Interactive appeared new details.

Joel Edgerton does not agree with the critics Bright

The fantastic action film Bright from Netflix has been severely criticized by the profile press. Actor Joel Edgerton stood up for the protection of the film. He was interviewed for publication Collider.

Rune: Ragnarok renamed to Rune

Developers of Human Head Studios have announced a new name for RPG Rune: Ragnarok. Now the game is called simply Rune. The game has become much more since the announcement in August and will allow developers to expand the game…

Walkthrough Apocalipsis (2018): Harry at the End of the World

The detailed walkthrough of the quest Apocalipsis (2018): Harry at the End of the World — with both ends! Interface and management Management is via the mouse, and only LMB. Hover the cursor over it and click LMB to interact…

Guide to YUMENIKKI-Dream Diary: secret ending and jellyfish

The legendary series of Yume Nikki is returned as a side-scrolling of YUMENIKKI-Dream Diary. And this remake cannot be called simple! This is both a sequel and a plot deviation. You are still playing for a girl who is in…