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Microsoft launches monthly Inside Xbox show

Microsoft announced the launch of the monthly show Inside Xbox, where it will share news about games, as well as titles that appear on the Xbox One platform. It is a kind of Nintendo Direct, but in free form.

Way to the Woods — a game about the journey of two deer

The 18-year-old developer of adventurer Way to the Woods finally shared the first trailer of his game, telling about the journey of two deer. The release is expected early next year on the PC and consoles.

VentureBeat: Battlefield 5 will receive a cooperative and a campaign for the model Battlefield 1

VentureBeat, which last week announced the name and setting of the next Battlefield, shared a few more details. The Shooter about World War II will include a campaign similar in structure to Battlefield 1 — several chapters with individual characters.…

Developers of Switch-version Skyrim want to port Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter: World has become the most sold game of the publisher Capcom, but this is not the limit, because the game does not have a version for the Nintendo Switch. Representatives of Iron Galaxy Studios want to correct the…

Rumor: GTA 6 will present Vice City and South America, the first female hero, release in 2022

GTA 6 All this is not confirmed, but even if it’s true, it’s very, very long to wait anyway. According to unconfirmed information, GTA 6 will immediately show two places of action: inside and around the game version of Miami,…

Gameplay of simulator medieval battles Mordhau

7 minutes of gameplay Studio Mordhau Team introduced a seven-minute gameplay from the closed beta of the Mordhau simulator, which has been in development for several years. The title will transfer the players into the Middle Ages and try to…

Cory Balrog’s new interview about the myths of God of War

PlayStation has published a new interview with Corey Balrog, dedicated to God of War lore, the mythology of the game and changes in Santa Monica’s new game. According to the game designer, they had to seriously dig into research, because…

The first details of the continuation of Life is Strange will be announced in the coming months

Continuation of Life is Strange Following the release of the bonus episode for Life is Strange: Before the Storm from Deck Nine, Square Enix announced in the official Tumblr blog about the future of the series.

Speedrunner was banned for sharing marijuana

Fest All Games Done Quick Many know about Speedrun Fest All Games Done Quick. This is a charity marathon, which annually collects a lot of money to fight cancer and funds to prevent it. Usually he collects dozens of experienced…

For Grim Dawn announced a new addition — Forgotten Gods

Forgotten Gods Studio Crate Entertainment has announced a new major addition to the action-RPG Grim Dawn called Forgotten Gods.