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The Swords of Ditto will be released in late April

The Swords of Ditto Last year, Onebitbeyond studio and publisher Devolver Digital presented The Swords of Ditto — a compact action RPG with colorful graphics and gameplay in the style of The Legend of Zelda.

Far Cry 5 will be microtransactions, but without lootboxes

When will be the release of Far Cry 5, then you can spend real money on the purchase of cosmetic items in the game. The new game of Ubisoft, like most large-caliber titles today, will include an in-game store.

Firmament — VR-adventure from Myst developers

Firmament   Studio Cyan (developers Myst and Obduction) is working on a new adventure. Players are waiting for a visit to four different worlds. Also an hour-long flying robot will accompany players in the adventure by, similar to a ghost…

Released trailer of bonus episode Life is Strange: Before the Storm – Farewell

Studio Deck Nine released trailer for the bonus episode for Life is Strange: Before the Storm called Farewell. Young Max Caulfield is in the lead. Chloe will again be voiced by actress Ashley Birch.

List of Item IDs in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

  List of Item IDs in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, which allows you to add to your inventory any weapon or armor

Cheats for quick save and pumping into Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Installation method Download file zzz_cheat. Copy the file to the Data folder (steamapps \ common \ KingdomComeDeliverance \ Data or C: \ Games \ Kingdom Come Deliverance \ Data) Add the «-devmode» to parameter to the shortcut  C: \ Games…

Walkthrough Final Fantasy XV: Chapter 2

CHAPTER 2 — No Turning Back See the cutscene in which you will first see the adult Lunafrei. She receives a message from Noktis through Umbra and the ring of Lucius.

Walkthrough Final Fantasy XV: CHAPTER 1 — DEPARTURE

CHAPTER 1 — DEPARTURE Prince Noktis Lucis Calum left his native kingdom with three of his friends. He goes to Altissia, the capital of Accordo, where he will consolidate the union between the two states by marrying Lady Lunafreys.

British rapper recorded a track about the main character Kingdom Come: Deliverance

British rap artist Dan Bull, known for his tracks on the gaming theme, recorded a new music video. This time about the hard share of the simple son of a blacksmith from Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

Weta has been making the game for Magic Leap for six years

After long years of secrecy, hype and huge investments, the mixed reality device Magic Leap will be released this year. And with it at least one game will be available.