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Palmyra Orphanage: Walkthrough and All Endings

Read the guide of horror Palmyra Orphanage. We analyze all the possible endings of the game.

The Legend of Zelda Link’s Awakening: Walkthrough

Read a detailed walkthrough of the game The Legend of Zelda Link’s Awakening.

The Surge 2 Walkthrough

Read a detailed walkthrough of the third-person action game The Surge 2, inspired by the Dark Souls series.

Roots of the Woods: Walkthrough

Move the cursor to the top of the screen, select the master key and apply it to the door. Search the hanging jacket to get 30 cents.

The Sojourn: Walkthrough

Read walkthrough The Sojourn. This is a colorful first-person adventure game with fascinating puzzles.

Greedfall Walkthrough Answers

Below we answer all the popular questions about the game Greedfall.

Little Misfortune: Walkthrough

This is an unusual adventure game with a side view in which the development of the plot and the fate of the little girl depend on your choice.

Devil’s Hunt: Walkthrough

The protagonist of the game loses everything in his life — work, wife, faithful friend, and crashes in his car. He was driving around the city at high speed. As it turns out, the Devil had plans for him, and…

Answers for questions Control

We offer answers to frequently asked questions about the game Control.

Control: Walkthrough

Read a detailed walkthrough of the action Control. Main character is Jesse Faden, is explored by the Federal Bureau of Control.