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Below: how to find 20 fragments of light and see the ending of the game

Ending of the game Below

Even if you get to the lowest floor in Below, this will not mean the end of the game. You will have to find 20 fragments of light to see the final video.

Fragments of light are secret collectible items. You will need to collect 20 such fragments to complete the game. They do not always appear in the same place, so you will most likely have to check each area more than once. You can collect items in any order.

20 fragments of light:

  • Second floor. Search on the northern side, in the upper right corner of the stone wall.
  • Third floor. There is near the entrance to the shelter.
  • Third floor. Open the cave with the seller for 200 crystals and find inside the fragment.
  • Third floor. You can find a cave, which is a short cut (connects the third floor with the fourth).
  • Third floor. There is in a random room.
  • Third floor. Find the entrance to the room of the future. This is a luminous zone with a short route to the fourth floor. This path leads to a light fragment.
  • Third floor. Find in a random room.
  • Sixth floor. There is in the lower part of the city, on the platform.
  • Seventh floor. Break through the stone barrier using a bomb.
  • The eighth floor. At the lowest point of the city, near which there are praying opponents.
  • Ninth floor. Search in a random room.
  • Fifteenth floor. Look in the middle of the map, in a cave with ice.
  • Fifteenth floor. Break through the stone barrier using a bomb.
  • Sixteenth floor. Here you can find three fragments. They are all hidden in random rooms.
  • Seventeenth floor. Break through the stone barrier using a bomb.
  • The eighteenth floor. Search in a random room.
  • Twentieth floor. There is in the room of the future, like a short cut on the fourth floor. Search in the center.
  • Twentieth floor. See at the bottom of the floor; until there is a flash of light. Find the crater with the last fragment on the surface next to the boat.


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