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They Are Billions: Basic Survival Tips

The main survival tips in the strategy They Are Billions

In this game you have to fight with a large number of infected, build your colonies and develop them to prevent the spread of infection on the planet. We will describe the basics of survival, as well as various tasks. Initially, it is recommended to try your hand at an easy level of difficulty, although there is a pause button in the game - subsequent levels require certain knowledge of strategy and quick response.


Dwellings colonists: these buildings must be installed to increase not only the number of inhabitants of the colony, but also the workers. Initially, you can put directly around the command center, in the future it is better to fence off the center with separate buildings, because the infected colonists turn into zombies and very quickly will destroy the camp.   

Hunter's cottage: this building is intended for the extraction of the resource "food". Install them in the immediate vicinity of forests and meadows, and then the extraction of food will be faster and in greater quantities.

Cottage fisherman: like the above structure, serves for food. It is installed only on ponds, several houses for each pond. Choose the optimal location for their location.  

Sawmill: is intended for the extraction of wood. Almost all buildings need a tree, especially strong fences and watchtowers. Choose the best places to install these buildings.

Quarry: is intended for the development of stone rocks and mining of stone and iron. You can install next to the corresponding textures: the development of a stone of brown color, iron - steel.

Tower Tesla: allows you to expand your playing space.  

Mill: gives an additional thirty points of energy.  

Warehouse: the barriers will become much stronger. And more gold can fit into the general stock. Also adds up to eight workers to the colony. Woodworking: strengthen the barriers and add up to ten workers to the colony. Soldier: here you can train soldiers and archers. Also, the player will be to train snipers.

Efficiency of buildings

You should look into the Command Center to start building an object. Select it from the list, you will see different variants of buildings, they will be located at the bottom of the screen. Use the "Tower of Tesla" on the edge of your territory to expand used lands. Such a structure will allow not only to expand the boundaries of the map, but also to see the approaching danger from outside. The main task of the game is to protect the command center. If it will be destroyed, the game will end.

First of all, extract the necessary resources to build walls around it, and also expose the protection of soldiers. Be careful: if even one infected enters the camp site - the colonists will be infected and you will have to get rid of them, otherwise the epidemic will spread to the rest of the inhabitants. The main buildings should be located in the appropriate places: sawmills will be directly near the trees, fishing lodges will be near the ponds and so on.

  • The first step is to build sawmill and quarry. Timber is initially very small, and you need to build sawmill.
  • Build fishing barracks - this will help to constantly get food for your colony.
  • Hunting lodges will also help to accumulate a large amount of food. Such buildings are best to be built next to the sawmills, meadows and forests.
  • Also place as much residential space as possible on your territory. "Optimum number" does not exist - the more houses you build, the more colonists will join the base.
  • Do not forget about the troops. Install windmills to build a military camp. They produce 30 units of additional energy.
  • Expand the land as far as possible. The more territories is covered, the better overall progress will be. Every time you open new lands, protect them with walls and patrols. This will help reduce the chance of infection of the colonists.
  • Try to lift the barriers in narrow aisles. This will reduce the costs of wood in order, and will also help to deal effectively with those infected from one or more observation towers.


After you have built all the necessary structures (quarry, sawmill, energy mill), and there are free workers in the camp - you can build the first military center. You must develop at least ten archers before you start the expansion of the land. The player will need at least twenty to thirty archers and several soldiers to clear the outer limits of the map.

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