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They Are Billions: Basic Survival Tips

As for soldiers, it is better to do them in small numbers, but constantly develop. Such infantrymen have huge damage, but a short range of action, and also attract the attention of the dead at a great distance. Collect small groups of soldiers for three or four fighters and get out of not open locations for the extermination of zombies. Your soldier will improve after a hundred dead. Improved soldiers and archers acquire gold color. If you notice zombie houses - it's best to avoid them until you have a strong army. Only when it reaches about fifty people you can try your hand at it.


Initially, the internal parts of the map are filled with simple, slow zombies. Such monsters are very easy to kill, they have low damage and attack tempo. If your fortifications are attacked - you will see an icon of the notification of the attack in the left corner. Do not hesitate: one zombie in the camp can infect absolutely everyone around, especially if the colonists' dwellings are located around the main building. Pay attention to the ghouls in black suits. Such zombies can easily deal with a group of archers, because they have fast and strong attacks.

They are not so easy to escape from - the speed of their movement is also very high. Also in the game there are reinforced monsters, thick and huge with a lot of health and impressive damage. There are also zombies in the female guise: such ghouls are very fast. Of all zombies - the most insidious are the spits. They spit from a fairly long distance, so ordinary squads can not deal with them.

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