Blair Witch: Walkthrough
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Blair Witch 2019: Walkthrough

During the walkthrough, you can perform various actions that affect the end of the game. How to act, you decide.

Walkthrough Blair Witch

Inspect the clearing with cars where you can find useful objects. Pick up the case of Peter and pick up the radio from the trunk from the nearest car. Go ahead and leave the clearing. Choose a walkie-talkie and answer the sheriff on the second wave. Go ahead, then follow the barking dog and study the poster.

Part 1

You can contact Jess. Follow Bullet when he starts to run, and look at the tracks. They will lead you to the passage under the tree. Send Bullet there and he will bring Peter’s cap. Show the cap and follow the dog.

Part 2

Follow the pit until you pass out.

Part 3

Once in the camp, collect useful things. You need a camcorder lying on a stone. See the record on it. After waking up at night, you take a camera with you. Stop it so that a police car is visible on it. Hide the camera and the machine will appear near you. Show it to the dog. Destroy the totem on the tree. Answer the radio to Emmett, destroy the second totem and examine the tree. Talk to the sheriff about it.

Part 4

There is a bunker on the left. Go to the right of it and look at the car. Take a candy wrapper from the dog’s mouth and let it smell. So you will find a new cassette. Go to the bunker and rewind the cassette so as to raise the baseball from the ground. You can open the bunker and find there a note with some devices. Pick up the code yourself or find out later.

Follow to the right from the bunker and to the left. Drive away the monster, shining a lamp on it. Follow the rails and see the destroyed bridge. After contacting the sheriff, you return to the tree, but he will not be there. Head to the old car between the tree and the bridge. Instead, there will be a sheriff’s car. Read the note, take the key from Bullet and sit inside. Try to start. Go out and connect the wire to the battery under the hood. Sit back, study the circuit and change 6 and 7 fuses. Turn on the headlights. You can listen to the radio to get a prize: SMS with a code from the bunker door. Follow on.

Part 5

Run after the dog when it finds a trace. Pick up the pack, then find the sheriff’s corpse and examine it. There is a cassette in hand. Look through it, then raise the shovel. Bullet will not feel anything. Continue backward, run from the light and enter the cave.

Part 6

Move forward, and when the lights go out, try to find something. Soon you will be able to continue driving and get out.


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