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Blizzard give presents to fans Overwatch

Company Blizzard Entertainment prepared 5 gifts for fans of shooter Overwatch for the New Year holidays. All players get the presents as soon as they enter the game.

Players, who will enter the game until the end of this year, will give 5 boxes with cosmetic objects game with a Christmas theme. Traditionally, boxes of loot you can buy for real money or for one or kits. However, for the New Year the developers decided to make an exception.

By the gifts also included a message from the developers in which they wish their fans a Merry Christmas and New Year, thank gamers and promise to make 2017 "spectacular."

Blizzard team is going to fill up Overwatch new characters and locations. The game is also planning to introduce the ability to create custom server, a spectator mode and a number of new opportunities for communication.

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