Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night: The Best Ending

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night: The Best and Good Ending

Read how to get the true (best) ending of the Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night.

The Best and True  ending in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

At the very beginning of the game, you can visit the location Hall of Termination to defeat Gebel. He was once an ally of the main character (in the original game), but now – the main enemy. To discover the true final boss and explore another part of the map, you will have to enlist the support of Zangetsuto.

You will find this character in Oriental Sorcery Lab. Use multiple hidden powers and items. So you get there.

How to get to the lab with Zangetsuto

You must pass through the upper part of the vertical room in the Entrance location. This is the very first room of the castle! You will find a hallway with spikes on top. To get through the entrance, you need to have three forces:

  • Craftwork: allows you to move the iron maiden. You can take it from the boss of Dian Cecht Cathedral boss.
  • Invert: Destroy the boss in Inferno Cave. To get there, you must be able to dive and walk on water. You can get this power, in turn, from the boss of the Hidden Desert (after defeating Alfred).
  • Spike Immunity: Take the Aegis Plate from the treasure chest in the Twin Towers-Dragons. Follow the elevator down and land to the right of the tower.

Once you reach the Oriental Sorcery Lab, go through it until you meet Zangetsuto. Defeat him the second time. You will get his Zangetstsuto blade.

Go to the Hall of Termination and fight Gebel. Use this weapon. You need attack the moon when it turns red. Cut it with Zangetstsuto. So you free Gebel from the power of Gremory. The demon will disappear, but you will need to find it again.

When Gremory disappears, go to the Garden of Silence. Enter the red corridor above the carriage. Cut the red moon to create a portal to the Den of Behemoths. Now you can get there.

You need find Alfred in another world. He lost Liber Logiath. Talk to Alfred and Zangetstsuto to find out that Dominique is manipulating you. Look for the entrance to the Glacier tomb. In this last place you will find the final boss. Defeat him and you will get a good (best) ending. First, defeat Gremory, then exit it and use the new fragment to move beyond the wall to the left. So you get to Dominica. Defeat her, defeat the King of the demons .


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