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Cheats and codes for Subnautica: Below Zero (console commands)

In Subnautica: Below Zero, you will find a huge world covered with ice blocks. In contrast to the original, another character is to be managed, and he must survive in this even more severe world.

You will be able to explore much more locations or encounter more terrible underwater creatures that you have to fight.

Console commands - cheats that can be activated at any time in the game. Naturally, only PC owners can get access to them (a keyboard is needed to enter them). Follow the simple steps:

  • Click on F3 to find the interface “Disable console”, in front of which there is a tick.
  • Click on F8 to make the mouse cursor appear, and uncheck this tick.
  • When it is removed, and then press Enter or ~, which will open the console.
  • Enter any command listed below to activate an effect.

Note. Each time you restart the game you will need to remove the tick again.

Code list for Subnautica: Below Zero

Nodamage - enable invulnerability.

Nocosts - craft something for free.

Madloot - get a lot of useful items.

Oxygen - an endless supply of oxygen.

Unlockall - unlock all drawings.

Fastbuild - speed up base construction.

Weather - remove any weather event and set the temperature to +22 gr. Celsius

speed [number] - instead of (number) insert the desired speed. The speed of the whole game will change. For example, 1 is the standard speed, 2 is doubled, 0.5 is reduced twice.

daynightspeed [number] - instead of (number), insert the desired numeric value. Changes the cycle of day and night. 1 - standard speed, 2 - doubled, 0,5 - reduced twice.

Day - there will always be a day.

Night - there will always be night.

Warpme - teleports you back to the base (transport), which was used last time.

biome [name] - instead of “name”, set the biome you need. You teleport that place. Here are the names of all biomes - kelp, kelpcave, lilypads, crystalcave, deeppads, twistybridges, shallowtristybridges, introicecave, introarea.

item [name] [number] - specify the name and number of items you want to receive. In the title of the object do not use spaces. The item will appear in inventory.

spawn [name] [number] - create an item right in front of you. Do not use spaces.

Freecam - allows you to freely move the camera. Noclip mode - the camera will leave the main character.


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