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Cheats codes DUSK


Old-school shooters today have received a new life, but retro-game DUSK stands out in the background of numerous projects. Here is a first-person shooter that very much resembles the famous Quake series (its first games). The protagonist of the game is a mad maniac. He crumbles everything around, destroys monsters and the army of cultists using various weapons.

There are cheat codes in DUSK. They work like teams from another old-school shooter Doom. You do not have to open the console menu. It is enough just to press the specified keyboard buttons during the game. Below we list all the cheat codes known today:

  • How to enable immortality in DUSK: nbdeity.
  • Restore health, weapons, ammo and all keys: nbkfa.
  • Get all the weapons: nbshooters.
  • Restore fully health and armor: nbdeathless.
  • Get all three keys: nbkeys.
  • Get a protective suit for five minutes: nbponcho.
  • Activate the mirror mode (it cannot be deactivated!): Nbreflect.
  • Activate double shots booster: nbfastfingers.
  • Deactivate this booster: nbregularfingers.
  • Activate double speed: nbgotta.
  • Activate time freeze for five minutes: nbhot.
  • Get a rock climbing booster for five minutes: nbspoder.
  • Slightly increase the height of the jumps (each time you enter a command and increase): nbfrog.
  • Reset jumps to default: nbman.
  • Activate slow motion mode: nbwoohoo.


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