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Cheats for GTA San Andreas (PC)

Read about all the cheats for GTA San Andreas.

Special Notes

All the listed codes will work when using various modifications of the game, including "Criminal Russia", "Los Santos", etc.

Do not try to find a code that allows you to unlock the bike. Among the entire list, you can get only ATV.

Don't try to to find codes for sex, mini gun, phone, girl, Russian car, zombies, clothing, BMW, VAZ, bus, endless money, etc.

You cannot use codes when playing in online mode.

There is no cheat that allows you to automatically complete all missions or skip tasks. Also, you cannot open the whole city at once.

It is not necessary to go to the pause menu to activate any GTA San Andreas code. In addition, you can disable its action by re-entering the same cheat.

Car codes in GTA San Andreas

  •     How to get a plane: JUMPJET.
  •     How to get a helicopter: OHDUDE.
  •     How to get a tank: AIWPRTON.
  •     How to get a jetpack: ROCKETMAN (YECGAA).
  •     How to get Monster Truck or huge jeep: AGBDLCID.
  •     How to get Bloodring Banger: CQZIJMB.
  •     How to get Hotring Racer 1: PDNEJOH.
  •     How to get Hotring Racer 2: VPJTQWV.
  •     How to get a limousine: KRIJEBR.
  •     How to get a Vortex Hovercraft: KGGGDKP.
  •     How to get a quad bike: AKJJYGLC.
  •     How to get a fuel truck: AMOMHRER.
  •     How to get a hearse: AQTBCODX.
  •     How to get a bulldozer: EEGCYXT.
  •     How to get a golf car: RZHSUEW.
  •     How to get a garbage truck: UBHYZHQ.
  •     How to get a Rancher: JQNTDMH.
  •     How to get a plane: URKQSRK.

Weapon codes in GTA San Andreas

  •     How to get a set of weapons with a rocket launcher: LXGIWYL.
  •     How to get a set of weapons with a sniper rifle: KJKSZPJ.
  •     How to get a set of weapons with RPG: UZUMYMW.

Other codes in GTA San Andreas

  •     How to get health, armor, $ 250,000, repair the car (you need to be inside it): HESOYAM.
  •     How to raise the crime rate by two stars: OSRBLHH.
  •     How to remove the crime rate: ASNAEB.
  •     How to raise the crime rate to the maximum (six stars): LJSPQK.
  •     How to get endless ammunition, use a weapon without reloading: WANRLTW (FULLCLIP).
  •     How to get rid of the search: AEZAKMI.
  •     How to raise ammo to the maximum while driving: OUIQDMW.
  •     How to give all people a weapon: FOOOXFT.
  •     How to improve the skills of possession of weapons to the level of Hitman: NCSGDAG.
  •     How to get a parachute: AIYPWZQP.
  •     How to improve driving skills to the maximum: VQIMAHA.
  •     How to make all machines invisible: XICWMD.
  •     How to switch to perfect control: PGGOMOY.
  •     How to make the streets go cheap cars: BGKGTJH.
  •     How to make expensive cars go through the streets: GUSNHDE.
  •     How to blow up all the cars: CPKTNWT.
  •     How to make all cars pink: LLQPFBN.
  •     How to make all cars black: IOWDLAC.
  •     How to make all cars flying: RIPAZHA.
  •     How to make all cars rural: BMTPWHR.
  •     How to get rural clothes and cars: FVTMNBZ.
  •     How to reduce the number of cars on the streets: THGLOJ.
  •     How to give all cars boosters: COXEFGU.
  •     How to make so that when you hit the car flew: BSXSGGC (BUBBLECARS).
  •     How to get immortality (with shots): BAGUVIX.
  •     How to get an endless supply of oxygen: CVWKXAM.
  •     How to be free from hunger: AEDUWNV.
  • How to make a fat man: BTCDBCB.
  • How to make jock: JYSDSOD.
  • How to make thin: KVGYZQK.
  • How to lure girls (prostitutes): BEKKNQV.
  • How to increase respect to the maximum: OGXSDAG.
  • How to increase appeal to the maximum: EHIBXQS.
  • How to increase endurance to the maximum: VKYPQCF.
  • How to increase the driving of all vehicles to the maximum: NATURALTALENT.
  • How to get a samurai sword and make all the ninja: AFPHULTL.
  • How to get a superjump: KANGAROO.
  • How to make the weather sunny: AFZLLQLL.
  • How to make the weather sultry: ICIKPYH.
  • How to make the weather cloudy: ALNSFMZO.
  • How to make the weather rainy: AUIFRVQS.
  • How to make a fog: CFVFGMJ.
  • How to switch to midnight: XJVSNAJ (NIGHTPROWLER).
  • How to make an orange sky: OFVIAC.
  • How to make a thunderstorm: MGHXYRM.
  • How to make a sand storm: CWJXUOC.
  • How to speed up the flow of time: YSOHNUL.
  • How to speed up the game: PPGWJHT.
  • How to slow down the game: LIYOAAY.
  • Suicide: SZCMAWO.
  • How to make all traffic lights green: ZEIIVG.
  • How to add chases on the roads: YLTEICZ.
  • How to add flying boats: AFSNMSMW.
  • How to make twins Elvis Presley: ASBHGRB.
  • How to add a pedestrian attack with a weapon: BGLUAWML.
  • How to make pedestrians fight each other: AJLOJYQY.
  • How to arrange a beach party: CIKGCGX.
  • How to add Los Santos gang members everywhere: MROEMZH.
  • How to add gangsters everywhere: BIFBUZZ.
  • How high jump on a bike: JHJOECW.
  • How to make cars explode in collisions: JCNRUAD.
  • How to jump high: LFGMHAL.
  • How hard to beat: IAVENJQ.
  • How to enable riot mode: IOJUFZN.
  • How to create a madhouse around: PRIEBJ.
  • How to activate adrenaline mode: MUNASEF.
  • How to recruit someone (9 mm pistol): SJMAHPE.
  • How to recruit someone (rocket launcher): ZSOXFSQ.


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