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Cheats This Is the Police 2: all codes for obtaining unique officers

15 secret cheat codes for adding unique employees with the names of bloggers, YouTube and game journalists

Press CTRL + SHIFT + S on the main screen to open the menu for entering cheat codes. The following codes should be entered in the opened window:

     Dmitry Kuplinov - kochipurdy
Kenny Draegast - welcometosharpwood
Denis Vilaveimovich - welcomebackoverseer
Dmitry Jesus - holyjesus
Andrey Zagudaev - dtfonelove
Sean JackSepticEye - eyedrops
Ioannis Routis - legitpass
Joe Vargas - thesharpwoodtour
Sergey Belyakov - getready
Melichar Oravec - topgun
Ilya Davydov - mercuryman
Max Schuss - zelenenkie
Dmitry Bakshteev - tomatopomodoro
Clara Sia - goodvibes
Alexey Volkov - freniafrenzy

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