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Christmas Day came in GTA Online

Studio Rockstar Games announced "Holiday Surprise 2016" for players of GTA Online.

You can dress up your character in festive outfits: sweaters, hats, special masks and more to feel the holiday spirit. All items will be available for free until 9 January. If you connect to the game prior to 2 January, then you will get the gift from the developers - stylish jacket and pajamas.

Fans of cars can buy a new toy in Benny's Original Motor Works - speed Nero will wait for their owners. Developers also noted that the players were expected special modifications to machines for the holidays.

Also will be photo contest # FESTIVESURPRISE2016. Make a beautiful festive picture and publish it in the Social Club. The five best photographers will receive an award from the authors of one million GTA-dollars. The competition will run until 3 January.

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