Chucklefish will publish space simulator Starmancer

Chucklefish will publish space simulator Starmancer


Chucklefish Games, publishers of Stardew Valley and developers of its own simulation school magic Spellbound has announced a deal with the studio Ominux Games. The two companies will jointly produce a simulator of the space station Starmancer, which promises modular construction and advanced management of the colony. According to the developers, Chucklefish decided to support the project after getting to know the early build of the game.

Starmancer is also launched on Kickstarter — the fundraising will take several more days, but the team has collected more than 90 thousand dollars, which is much more than the required 40. With additional investments, the team will be able to hire another programmer, and is also approaching the introduction of an additional creative mode. It will be possible to build it without restrictions and generally engage in the realization of fantasies, without restrictions.

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