Chucklefish will publish game the Pathway on

Chucklefish will publish the Pathway — a pixel mixture of FTL and XCOM with occult Nazi


Indie publisher Chucklefish has already released hits Risk of Rain and Stardew Valley, and also took up the publication of Starmancer. Along the way, the studio is developing Spellbound. But that is not all! The other day the publisher made friends with the German team Robotality for the release of their game Pathway.

Pathway is created in a rather detailed pixel-art style, with actions occurring before the events of the Second World War. The gameplay is a mixture of adventure and turn-based strategy. Of course there will be procedural generation and choice of own adventures.

It is 1936. Nazi spread around the world in search of occult artifacts, counting on their help in taking the world. Players will have to find the missing friend by traveling on a procedurally generated map with manually created adventures.

The game will have 16 companions, each has unique equipment and skills that can be used during team battles. During them, players will need to use cover and positions.

Release Pathway is expected in the middle of the year on PC, Mac and Linux.

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