Code Vein 2019 Walkthrough
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Code Vein: Walkthrough

Select a name and a pseudonym for the character, adjust appearance, gender. Listen carefully to what Cruz tells.

Walkthrough Code Vein

The main menu opens with the Options key. On the first tab "Status" is all the most important. The largest square contains the current blood code. Now you have one, but throughout the game you will open a few more pieces. Each blood code symbolizes a particular style of play.

In turn, the blood code has a unique set of skills. You need Ichor for the activation of any skill. The number of Ichor is shown in the lower right corner in the form of the inscription "16/16". It is clear that this number will change.

The more you use any Gift, the faster you pump it. In the end, it will be possible to inherit the Gift. This means that it can be used without reference to a specific blood code. Also on the effectiveness of the Gifts affects the Blood Veil - the main armor of the hero. One Veil can enhance the skill, the other - to degrade it.

The main monetary unit in the game is Haze, which is an analogue of the souls from Dark Souls. With a haze, you can open new Gifts for the code, increase the level of the character, buy items and so on.

At the end of the training, listen to the girl in white and go to the Spring. Watch cut-scene. When you wake up, talk to everyone, pick up the mask and climb up. You will be sent for Blood Tears.

Area D-12: Catacombs

The door behind is locked, and Mistletoe is next to you. This object is an analogue of the Fires from Dark Souls. As always, while you are resting, you restore a reserve of health points and elixirs, but you revive all previously killed opponents. Another Immortal will be your assist in the first part of the level.

Go forward and near the corpse find the echo of the loss (S). Use such items in your inventory, so you get a Haze. The same object lies near the second in a row enemy. Keep moving and kill opponents. Around the corner, you will find the first chest with a new weapon - an ax. Further a fork - go to the right and collect royal iron. This is an important resource needed to improve weapons and Blood Veils. In the future, we will indicate the location of the most valuable mining.

Defeat your opponent with a shield. Ideally, you need to repel his attacks with a block and counterattack. However, now you are helped by another character. Behind the enemy there is a chest with a new weapon - a Lost Bayonet. Go through the door, go through the corridor and go outside. Get rid of the miasm to map the nearest locality.

Follow the wooden boxes to the right. Soon you must discover the reincarnated Immortal. Oliver will be injured, so you need to go on alone.

Code Vein 2019 Walkthrough
Code Vein 2019 Walkthrough

Whatever way you go, you will go in a cave with a circular path. The path to the left leads to a new mistletoe. Activate it to save progress and get a new resurrection point. Behind the mistletoe is an unusual pennant. Such items are not usable, but can be used for sale or exchange. Give them to merchants to get exchange points and purchase unique items on them.

If you go down from the mistletoe, then you will find a very powerful monster. It is difficult to defeat him, but mistletoe located nearby will simplify your attempts. The enemy is guarding the chest with a new Blood Veil - "Blue Dogs".

Go ahead and come across an Immortal stranger. Talk to him and agree to move together (to go through the next segment alone is very problematic). Go ahead and fight a lot of monsters in the spacious hall. Here you can find an old tool suitable for exchange. Climb the fire escape and follow to the Blood Spring to get a tear.

Go higher and activate mistletoe. Climb up and open the chest with a new weapon - the blade of the killer. Follow the linear route until you find yourself outside, where you have to fight the first boss.

How to beat Oliver Collins

The battle consists of two stages. At first you are fighting against the usual (aggressive) Immortal. Dodge his strikes because he uses heavy weapons and counterattack. You need beat 1-2 times and again wait for the right moment. Try to approach the second stage of the battle with the maximum number of regeneration charges and the minimum of lost health points.

Code Vein 2019 Walkthrough
Code Vein 2019 Walkthrough

When Oliver turns (this will happen as soon as your health points go below 50%), run away, otherwise a shock wave will damage you. Continue as before, but now mutated Oliver can inflict 3 quick hits in succession, and his huge hammer deals much more damage. Your ally can restore the main character, if the stock of health points drops to zero.

Try run away from Oliver until he decides to attack your partner. At this point, get to him from behind and hit 1-2 times. For the victory over the boss you will receive a new weapon - sledgehammer.

Watch the cut-scene and then pick up the crystal. Go ahead and view the various memories of the late Oliver. In the end, Louis will take you to his shelter. Go to the right side and activate mistletoe. Examine the shelter, talk a few times with Louis and all his inhabitants. There are people selling different items, offering improvements and so on.

To be continued…


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