Concrete Genie: Walkthrough

Concrete Genie: Walkthrough

Read the walkthrough of the adventure game Concrete Genie, which was released exclusively for PlayStation 4.

Walkthrough Concrete Genie

Draw in the diary until the video starts. Get out of the funicular and the building. You find the newspaper on the left. Run up the hill to get to the lighthouse.

Chapter 1. The Lighthouse

Get through the gate following the in-game prompts. Open the doors and enter the building. Jump into the hole to follow the paper sheet. You will pick it up soon. After the cutscene, follow the luminous creature. Move the sheet from the table and pick up a large brush for drawing. Move the cursor to where the Luna is pointing.

Go upstairs and pick up a few pages from the main character’s album. Draw what Luna asks for, choosing the drawing you want. Jump up to the ruined staircase, where the luminous creature points. Draw a new creature using the clues of the moon. It will burn the boards and you can bypass the hole on the side balcony. Follow higher and higher, and then slide the curtain.

After the cutscene, you climb up the metal stairs. Use stars to light bulbs. When the Moon stops, select the desired pattern, create it, and then destroy the purple thickets with a super-brush. At the very top, pull the lever to turn on the beacon.

Chapter 2. The Fishing Port

To be continued…


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