Control: Walkthrough
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Control: Walkthrough

Read a detailed walkthrough of the action Control. Main character is Jesse Faden, is explored by the Federal Bureau of Control.

Welcome to the Oldest House

Follow the only route until you meet a cleaner. Talk with him, use the elevator. Enter the director’s office and pick up the weapon. Take training. Clear the room from enemies and get to the central department. Kill enemies in the red room and interact with the control point. After that, talk with people outside the shelter door. Talk with Pope, interact with the infected person. Talk to the woman again.

Control: Walkthrough
Control: Walkthrough

Also you can read walkthrough side quests.

Unknown Caller

Go through the door on the right (when leaving Pope's room). Go down and go to the dining room, where you kill all the enemies. Continue through the next door until you find yourself in the department of letters that have not arrived. As soon as you kill all the enemies, use the control point. Go through the double door nearby, follow the corridor and find a man flying out of the room to the right. Go there. Hide behind shelters, get to the subject of power and interact with the floppy disk.

Learn throwing items to go back. Kill the appeared enemies and go to the new part of the corridor. So you get to door 01. Nearby there will be a corpse with an access card of level 01. Take it and go into the room. Kill the flying Tomassi. It is better to use conventional weapons.

Control: Walkthrough
Control: Walkthrough

Go upstairs and go through the door that Tomassi opened. So you get to the phone. The path to it is impossible, since there is no bridge. Pull the rope and in the hotel call 3 times a bell. The back room will open. There lies the key. Take it and open the door. Pull the rope and walk across the bridge to the phone. Take training, avoide black essences. Talk to Emily.

Directorial Override

Use the elevator in the central office to enter the service sector. Follow the only path until you find Cleaner. In the back room, chat with him and get a level 02 keycard.

Get to the huge hall - this is a power plant. Go to the room with Arish and talk with the man on all topics. Now you need to start the energy converters and cooling pumps. First activate the control point and go from top to left to find the path to the pumps (Coolant Pump). Kill opponents at the control point, follow further and deal with other enemies in the red room. Activate the control point and move down the cave. In the large hall, insert the cube into the first pump. Go right and insert the cube into the second pump. Nothing will come of it.

Follow the adjacent tunnel and get rid of the blockage by shooting outgrowths. When you remove the blockage, you can insert the cube into the second pump. The third pump is upstairs. After that, kill the enemies that appeared, including the machine gunner in the elevator. On it, rise back to the energy complex.

Control: Walkthrough
Control: Walkthrough

Go on top to the door leading to the power converters. Get to the room with a vertical installation. Kill everyone and insert 3 cubes into three holes at different heights. Go back.

Use the lift from the energy complex and go to the floor of the control room. Go there, kill everyone and use the control point. Interact with the panel and return to Pope.

Old Boys’ Club

Take the elevator to the research department. Go down the stairs and kill the enemies. Shoot the red cubes to open a blocked passage to the parapsychology department. Go through the door and turn left into the Department of Parakinesiology. Kill the enemies and go through the next door. Deal with new enemies, including a grenade launcher on top. By doing so, start the control point and follow the intercom at the elevator. Kill the enemies while the elevator is going and get down.

Follow Marshall to the department of luck and credibility. Talk with a woman, go ahead and get into the ritual department. Help the soldiers kill everyone and use the control point. Follow forward to the Department of Defense Sciences. Get to the wall with the terminal. You need to set the same image on the monitor as on the sheet. To do this, press 2 times up, 2 times down and 1 time to the right.

Control: Walkthrough
Control: Walkthrough

Go inside and use the terminal. Marshall will appear. Collect 4 cards at the bottom and 1 at the top, and then install them in different terminals. When looking at the cards (when studying any terminal), then they refer to the following terminals from left to right - 1/4/2/5 / 3. Run the device to complete the quest.


Go to the energy complex in the service area. Find the central service door (next to the entrance to the power converters). Follow through it and enter the black stone processing department on the right. There is no way forward, since there is no bridge, but there is a level 4 door on the left. Open it (the card you received from Marshall). Pull cubes to slow down rotating devices and rise higher. Take two cubes and insert into the holes at the end. Pull the rope to get to the hotel.

Call once a bell and in the next room examine the location of objects. Call a second time and enter the middle room. Arrange objects as in the first room. Then ring the bell a third time to pick up the key in the back room. It will appear only if everything is identical in the first two rooms. Open the door with the pyramid and pull the rope.

Follow the bridge to the Black Stone Processing Center. Go left, up the stairs and use the hole in the floor. Kill the enemies and use the control point. Chat with Arish in the next room, get to the spacious hall and look at the drawer. There is no prism. You have to kill the invisible, and then go to the laboratory. Here you will find a level 05 Keycard.

Unlock the door of the 5th level nearby and take the elevator. Drive to the Black Stone quarry. When you reach the not a working lift, jump down the ledges. Get to the quarry, kill opponents and place cubes in three holes in the rock. Next, use the remote control, and after the explosion from the rock, pull out the prism of the Black Stone. In the central department, you talk to Marshall.

My Brother’s Keeper

Take the elevator to the content sector. Get to the logistics department and use the control point. Go to the side of the security service, but the passage is closed. Follow through the medical wing on the left. Kill all opponents. You will find yourself in the security department.

Take a look at the monitor and see that the I6 camera is open. Follow the direction of bright light and pull the rope three times. At the hotel, ring the bell three times and turn the picture in the back room. Call again and a key will appear in the middle number. Open the door for them and go back by pulling the rope.

Control: Walkthrough
Control: Walkthrough

Go ahead and talk to Langston to get to the Panopticon. Go to the other side and take the elevator to the 4th tier. Continue driving until you are in a TV room. Go to TV, kill opponents, including El Salvador and infected. Use a TV. Now you can fly. Take training.

Use levitation to go up to the fifth floor and enter the I6 chamber. Dylan will not be here, but Pope will contact you. Return to the central department.

The Face of the Enemy

Chat with Emily and visit Dylan on the second floor of the central department. Move to the content sector, to the logistics department. You have a level 06 card. Go to the security service and follow up, where there is a level 6 door. Open it, kill all enemies and go through room P7 further. Get to the point of control.

Control: Walkthrough
Control: Walkthrough

Jump down in the turntable. Avoid the anomaly, find the door and get to the control panel. Turn the platform and use it to move on. The platform will stop. Just shoot the growths on the walls.

Once in the hangar, insert the cubes into the holes. Follow through many rooms, including a room with a layout of the Ordinarium, the hometown of Faden's brother and sister. Clear the room with the landfill, then enter the small booth and examine the computer.

Finnish Tango

Go to the research sector by elevator from the central department. Go up the stairs, past Darling’s office, and go on. Get to the ashtray maze and activate the control point. The task will be updated.

Go to the back room of the cleaner and interact with the picture. Follow further, kill enemies, and pull the rope. In the hotel, open the second and third rooms to turn on all the radios. Next, in the first room, find the key and open the back room of the cleaner at the reception. Pull the cord.

Call the funicular and kill the enemies. Drive to the other side, go ahead and watch the video. The cleaner will give the player.


Return to the maze of the ashtray and go through it to the music from the player’s cleaner. Open the way further. Upstairs, view the recording on the computer, go back and take the elevator down. Use telekinesis to break 4 locks and go into the hall. Kill enemies; destroy the antennas around the device. Do this with other antennas, go up. It is important not to rush! At the very top, watch the video.

Take control

Control: Walkthrough
Control: Walkthrough

Perform any action until mail arrives at the entrance to the central department. Take it and take it to the director. Take another mail from him. Repeat this three times. Then you will need to go through a strange dimension. Kill the enemies until you get to Dylan.


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