Cory Balrog's new interview about the myths of God of War

Cory Balrog’s new interview about the myths of God of War

PlayStation has published a new interview with Corey Balrog, dedicated to God of War lore, the mythology of the game and changes in Santa Monica’s new game. According to the game designer, they had to seriously dig into research, because northern mythology has a lot of interpretations.

Cory said that the whole team was engaged in research. Part of the God of War team traveled to Iceland, some studied the meanings and interpretations in the studio office. He also noted that the E3 showed important artifacts from the game, and not just figures from mythology.

Cory noted that the new God of War is the game that the studio staff wanted to work on. Each element in the game will have a relationship to the story and is associated with the game’s lorry. This applies to runes, various records and tattoos of hero.

Cory also stressed that an important part of God of War will be built on the father-son relationship.

Anton Wanderbraun yesterday participated in the preview-session of the game in Prague, and also got the opportunity to communicate with the developers. His impressions and interviews will be published on March 19, when the embargo falls.

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