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Dark Souls 3 How to kill the boss Ludex Gundyr?

In this guide we look battle with the first boss of the game Dark Souls 3. You will learn how kill him easy. Battle with other opponents is described in separate articles.

How to kill Ludex Gundyr

So, after the start of the game Dark Souls 3, you will find yourself in the training area, the cemetery Ash. Then, you will need to demonstrate all they have learned previously. In fact, the first boss battle is not so complicated.

First you will see a live statue. Before the boss will rise, you can manage to put a few blows on him. Pay attention to it and swinging motion. Before the attack, you will see that he is going to do. As with all games of the series Dark Souls, these attacks need to try to fend off.

If you do not have the skills to parry, or you simply do not work, then we have another way to defeat the enemy. Stay away as far as possible and wait until he will jump into the air. After the jump the boss will fall to the ground. At this point, you need to run up to him and strike him. Repeat these steps and in no time you will cast it.

But as soon as the level of its health will fall to 50% of the plank, it will turn into a giant creature. At the moment of the transformation, you can try to strike him as you can. When he turns into a monster, you need walk away to the side. Rollback, use the second attack. Again and attack rolls. Repeat these steps until the boss does not fall down. After defeating him, take away his sword spiral, 3000 souls and move to the new location.


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