Walkthrough DARQ
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DARQ: Walkthrough

Read a detailed walkthrough of the psychological horror platformer DARQ, which tells the story of a guy named Lloyd who is able to see dreams. Unfortunately, every such dream becomes a real nightmare for Lloyd, and any attempts to wake up and wake up turn out to be a failure.

Walkthrough DARQ

Chapter 1

Go right and lie down on the bed to move into the world of dreams. In a dream, the main character can walk on the walls. Follow the right to the curbstone with the first lever, activate it and go along the bridge to the left. There will be a second lever on the other side. Pull it, you will raise the bridge and you can go up the wall to the right. Follow this route until you pick up the gear. Get to the lever, pull it to lower the bridge, and move down. Pull the next lever to go to the device on the right and pick up the second gear.

Walkthrough Darq

Go left and down and install the gear on the device pulley on the left. It will be necessary to solve a simple puzzle in the style of "Fifteen." Lift up the vertical block, move the bottom square from the right row to the left, followed by another one, and lower the third one to replace the first one. This will move the vertical block to the right. Behind it, slide to the right a large square with a key. And then lift up two single blocks up along the left edge. Slide the third under them. This will lower the square with the shape of the key. Take away the key mold and gear set earlier.

Climb back and put the gear back into place. Run to the left. You must rest against the raised bridge. If this does not happen, then pull the lever. Go up the bridge and the ceiling in the opposite direction, past the installed gear. Be sure to take the gear. Get to the device with two pulleys and place two gears on them. Go into the passage on the left and pull the lever. Set the shape of the key in the tray in the center, then press the red button.

There are 4 buttons with different images on the walls, floor and ceiling. Also in the background, you see a row of the same buttons. You must move so that the sliding hammers click on the button that is highlighted in the back of the screen. If you move from the very beginning, then walk along the walls in the following order: right, right, right, left, left, left. Go into the opened passage and take the gear.

Walkthrough Darq

Move back, to the right, and you will see enemies with lamps on their heads in a room with two gears. Wait for them to turn the lights on and off, then go right. Be sure to pick up these two gears. Now you have three of them! Run back to the lever, pull it and go along the lowered bridge to the left. So you get to the huge device seen earlier. Here you need to install all three gears. Pull the lever and move across the bridge to the right. Scroll through the wooden board to complete the chapter.


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