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Dead by Daylight. How to play and survive against the Wrath?

Dead by Daylight. How to play and survive against the Wrath?

There are three different maniacs in the game Dead by Daylight. You can play for one of them. The main goal of the game - to find four survivors and sacrifice them.

Wrath is the third and perhaps the most deadly murderer in the game Dead by Daylight. He moves like a shadow on the location, appears and disappears with the sound of his terrible bells. You can use a special ability of Wrath: Press and hold the right mouse button to become invisible.

Survive against the Wrath is almost unreal.

Wrath usually use weapons ‘Azarov Skull’. Secondary weapon - "Crying bell." This is a heavy cast iron bell with ancient power. Wrath becomes invisible.

How to play for Wrath in the Dead by Daylight?

Immediately activate invisibility on location.

In stealth mode you can’t attack the enemy and check-in wardrobes. On the other hand, you are practically invisible. You can go back to the enemy. He will not hear your heartbeat.

Before the attack you will need to hold the right mouse button to exit stealth. It will take a few seconds.

Remove the invisibility, even if you do not see the opponents. Stand up on some hill and watch the locations where you do it. Survivors may think that you have noticed them and leave their shelter. You will be able to find them.

When you catch of one of the survivors, hang him on the hook, and then immediately go into stealth mode. Stand somewhere nearby and wait. If your opponents are playing as a team, then one of them will come to save his friend.

How to confront a ghost?

When the Wrath is in stealth mode, it is almost impossible to notice. He moves much faster than without the cloak. On the other hand, he cannot attack you or interact with any objects (open cabinets and chests).

Avoid hazy clouds that you see nearby. If you want to make sure that Wrath ceased to be invisible, everything that you need: to look at it at the time when he is trying to become invisible.

Be aware more than ever before. Carefully study your environment, move slowly.

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