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Dying Light The following How to kill Behemoth (Demolisher)

ATTENTION! Here you will find the most correct and true way to kill mourners and similar opponents. In fact, kill this monster easy, if you follow our instructions.

Since the game is constantly a small amount of cartridges, you will have to use melee weapons. You can, of course, as many write, throw grenades. But you will need about 250-300 pieces!!! Is it necessary to you?

So, to start equip most serious firearms, which you just have. You have bullets. If you suddenly do not have bullets, go to the paragraph below. Shoot only the head mourner. You have to shoot in the head as long as it will carry a helmet. His helmet must sooner or later crack. If this happens before you run out of ammo, then go on to shoot his head. Now you will apply exclusively the damage on a scale of mourner’s health.

But what if you have not bullets? Everything is very simple. Run around the walls so that the enemy starts to run in your direction. At the time you need to run away from the wall. Enemy certainly not the first, so the second time to crash into the wall. At the time, he will lose orientation in space. At this time you have to attack him with a sword, a sickle, a hammer - in general, any melee weapon. Since the monster high, then the attack is necessary to jump!!!! It is very important. Otherwise you will not get up and down. Oh, and you need only to attack the head. Even if you have not taken down his helmet with firearms (out of ammo, or did not exist), you can do so using any of the sword (and so on.).

I will say this: melee weapon does even more damage than a firearm. And one more nuance. Enemy periodically throws in you pieces of concrete. Do not try to act in the same way as you do when you lured him into the wall. You will not have time to run off in any case. Therefore, it is best when the enemy lifts a piece of concrete, hide behind a box or a corner.

Finally, even if you die, mourner’s health is restored. You will continue to finish it. However, the helmet that you have time to kill, as did not appear. Well, do you still think that to kill mourners impossible?!

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