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Dying Light: The Following Plot (Story, spoiler)

Immediately warn that in this mini-article will be considered the story of the game Dying Light The Following, therefore, if you do not want anything to know about it, we do not recommend to read it.

The original game Dying Light came out about a year ago, but the recent expansion has been released just two weeks ago. In the new part (let's call it so) you manage Kyle Crane, which can, in turn, drive the buggy. Scene is a suburb of Haran, the countryside with a small number of buildings. Move by car, you can ram the zombies to get to your destination more quickly and much more. Kyle goes here for the reason that he had heard someone in the suburbs found a way to treat the virus.

At the end of the game Dying Light: The Following Kyle Crane comes face to face with Mother. The mother actually turned into a reasonable zombie-like creature that can control your appetite in daylight. But if suddenly the night comes, the mother turns to the worst, a dangerous and bloodthirsty creature. This drug, which is looking for Kyle Crane, ultimately, makes people in the same monster, like a mother. Mother insists that the only way to prevent this - the victim. We must sacrifice himself, Mother, all people living in the suburbs. And now what we can do? And you have two options.

If you do not agree with the words of the Mother, and will send it to hell, the battle will begin. She'll make Kyle a drink vial of "medicine." In the final battle you will have the same capacity as that of the Mother. Destroy Mother.

If you choose to sacrifice himself that is like a good ending; the final battle with the boss will not be. You will need to follow the Mother and activate the warhead.

But there is another option. If you do want to miss an appointment with Mother, do not want to deal with her cult, and so on.  You can activate the secret ending; collect a few items the military, which are scattered suburbs. You can read more about this in our other article.

Thus, regardless of your choice made, according to the final movies, the story of Kyle Crane in Haran came to an end. Thus, we can conclude that Techland is working on a sequel with a completely new main character. Events will unfold in a different place, with the participation of the other characters. On our site you can discuss any options for the development of further developments. We will be glad to hear your opinion!

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