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Dying Light: The Following Secrets (Easter Eggs)

In this article you will learn about a few secrets of the zombie shooter Dying Light The Following. If you want to explore the huge map own, do not read the article.

Harry Potter Room

The most famous wizard in a fantasy world has left its mark on the outskirts of Haran. In the southwestern part of the map in the add The Following you can find T-shaped house. It is located to the north of the security zone and the south of the location with a runner.


Go inside the house and look under the stairs to find the room where the child slept in the "boy who survived." On the bedside table you can see the familiar points, and on the bed is his hat.



If you examine the skull on the top shelf until it gets out of control, it will soon enter ghosts into the house.


Kill one downstairs and one upstairs to open the upper room, which leads out into the street. Inspect the upper room and find a can of paint for your buggy.

Where to find Easter eggs of David and Goliath

Do you remember the biblical story of David and Goliath, which to date filmed several animated films and even wrote a book (in 1960)? Thus, to find them in the Dying Light: The Following, you have to get to the island, located very close to the lower boundary of the card and about 500 meters from the house of Attila. In this house you are sure to visit based on the quest storyline. Below is a screenshot with a location of the place.


When you reach the place of the above, you will find the island. As you approach the island at the top of the screen you will see the red scale of the enemy's health. Enemy will call or David or Goliath (randomly). Get to the island, which looks something like this:


The island is small enough, and you will encounter two zombies whose name is David and Goliath. Goliath will be the usual zombie-Man, and David - a huge monster. Kill them and then search the body, in which you can find a good reward. You will also receive a bag of paint for the buggy.

Location of PUPS (toys, dolls)

Across the map The Following are a total of six PUPS. What are they needed for? Well, beauty: you can install them on the hood of his buggy. So, read the following description with indication of places where to find all of PUPS.

  1. PUPS of Bilal. Look in the workshop Bilal, at a gas station.
  2. PUPS of zombies. There is on the table. See below the building.
  3. 06PUPS of Ezgi. There is in Ezgi’s apartments, in farm of Jasir, on the upper floor of the house bed.
  4. PUPS of Ray McCall. There is at the water tower near Attila House.
  5. 07PUPS of Tahir. On a hunting tower, this is indicated on the map below.


  1. PUPS  of Jasir. Look for a high-road, the trailer (about Silas truck, auto parts seller).


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