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Ellie and Joel in The Last of Us: Part II

During PlayStation Experience 2016 was announced the continuation of the rumored game The Last of Us: Part II. The creative team of the game conducted a special panel, which told about the future sequel. There were project's creative director Neil Drakmann and the lead actors Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker.


Action of the second part will take place after several years, Ellie - 19 years old. She will be the main character. Ellie says that she wants to "find and kill them all." Who exactly she wants to find, yet it is not known.


According to Neil Drakmann, they planned to show a video during E3 2017 conference, but decided that the game fans need to know about it before.


In addition, the studio Naughty Dog told about the facial capture technology, which is used in the continuation of the game. According Drakmann, Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker is not quite similar to their game characters. It don’t allow to remove the emotions directly. Creators created virtual doubles of actors with textures to make facial expressions. You can see the video below.

At the moment, Ellie - the most technically complex character model, which ever created in the studios of Sony Interactive Entertainment.


A new title music game theme was also presented, written by composer Gustavo Santaolalla, one of eight composers in the history of world cinema, received "Oscar" for best music for two consecutive years: for the films "Babel" and "Brokeback Mountain."

The release date of the game is unknown; perhaps it will be announced at the E3 conference in 2017.

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