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Empires & Puzzles: Accounts – Tips & Answers to Common Questions

The first recommendation I have regarding your game account is to take a screenshot of your account id.  It shows in the bottom right hand corner of your login screen.  As well, take the time to link your facebook account.  If you ever need to have Small Giant help you recover your account, or you need to switch game platforms, this will greatly help the process!  If you are ever in need of this type of assistance please go to the official FAQ & Quick Help for more specific directions!

** Do note that linking to Facebook does not save your game progress! **

Game progress must be saved to Google Play (android) or Game Center (iOS).  You can tell if you are saved by going to the game menu and selecting Options > Support.  You should see something like this:

If you don’t, then you’re not saved!  Click the button that says save progress here.  As a note, there are some risks doing this.  Saving multiple accounts to the same device being one thing that could cause problems.  So make sure you set up the save to Google Play or Game Center as soon as you read this!  Small Giant has told me nothing is ever lost in the game, but it will take time to get the account recovered.

Answers to Other Common Questions:

Q: Is the intro package a good deal?

Yes, if you are going to spend any money on the game this limited time offer is a great deal!

Q: How do I save my progress/how can I delete my progress and start over?

You have to log into Game Center (iOS) or Google Play (android) to save your data.  If you want to delete, you should be able to delete the game from these accounts.  But really, you can’t build things wrong, so not really worth starting over.  You can play on two different devices with the same operating system by using the same Game Centre or Google Play accounts on each device.

Q: How do I delete heroes?

You don’t need to.  Just use them to level your other heroes (see that section for more details).

Q: I’ve heard there’s a second builder, how do I get it?

The second builder was a subscription that was available on Android devices only, but because of things outside of Small Giant’s control, it was unable to be released to Apple devices.  There are plans to bring this back to the game in some form in the future, as well as the potential for time tokens/speed up tokens.  No specific timeline is known however.

Q: What is a wanted mission?

Wanted missions are the chests on your base and your map screen.  There is a chest for killing monsters in map battles, one for killing heroes in raids, and one for defeating titans.  When you have filled the chest you can open it to see what rewards you get!  Often gems are part of the reward, and there’s a very small chance of ascension items!  Even if you don’t successfully complete a stage or a raid you will be credited with the monsters or heroes that you took down before being defeated.

**Note: There is a timer associated with the titan chest.  When you leave an alliance there is a 12 hour cooldown before you can put another kill point in that chest.   This starts whether you leave an alliance on your own, or are kicked.  The timer will restart each time you leave an alliance.

There are also elemental wanted missions.  These chests will be a different colour, depending on what faction of creatures you have to kill to fill it.  If you get an elemental chest, then kill any monsters from the map/events or heroes in raids matching the faction written on your chest.  (Example: the Fire chest will show red on your screen, and only fire monsters or heroes will count towards filling it)

Best way to fill it is to find levels with only that colour and farm it.  The rewards of these special chests are usually really good, possible goodies include summon tokens, energy flasks, and ascension materials!  The chests appear randomly, and at different times than other players.  They can be from any element.  Click here to access the forum topic that lists single colour levels for efficient farming to fill these chests!

Q: If I pay gems to resurrect my heroes, what happens?

You have all of your heroes come back at full health, and whatever mana they had when they died.  Your items stay as they were before you used the gems to resurrect your heroes.

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